Super Monkey Ball 3D Gets Official Site

SEGA’s totally behind the Nintendo 3DS, and rightly so, games like Super Monkey Ball are a perfect fit for both handhelds and 3D.  The publisher’s first 3DS game, Super Monkey Ball 3D, has just seen its official site opened up, and with it, the first snippets of information as to what we can expect.

The site’s Flash heavy, but thankfully AndriaSang have translated the Japanese.  Basically there are three main game modes revealed so far: Monkey Ball, the traditional single player game mode we know and love; Monkey Race, a four player eight car race that sounds a bit like Mario Kart; and Monkey Fight, where you steal bananas from your opponents.


Glaring omission: Monkey Target.  That minigame was one of the original Gamecube game’s highlights, and although it has appeared in other SMB games since it’s been watered down – we’ve have loved to get our hands on a 3D version of that one.  Still, as the character selection screen shows, there’s still room for SEGA to announce new goodies.

SEGA are releasing five other 3DS games next year, one of them is a Sonic title.


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  1. Will we ever see Monkey Ball on PS3/PSN ?

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