Gran Turismo 5 Hits 1.03

Gran Turismo 5’s latest update, another quick off the blocks set of tweaks, is out and ready for download – simply start up the game and version 1.03, weighing in at nearly 150MB, will be on its way down.  Assuming, of course, that you’ve already grabbed the new PS3 update.

Early reports suggest that this particular update added a setting for mechnical damage in online games, from “none”, “light” and “heavy”.

And yes, that’s it, although that’s what we expected anyway really from this one.  If one of our eagle-eyed readers lets us know otherwise we’ll pass on the information, but just now don’t expect anything other than the aforementioned minor tweak to the online network play.

The “birthday glitch?”  Still there…


  1. I was hoping for remote races.

  2. Birthday glitch?!?! More details? My bday is coming up shortly, is this something I should take advantage of?

    • OK, so getting a car on your birthday is a nice easter egg from the developers. I will definitely play on my birthday.

      Exploiting this to get multiple cars is the glitch/cheat. It sounds very time consuming and I’d rather be playing GT5.

      • It doesn, I can’t believe people go to such lengths, where’s the sense of achievement?

        Out of pure curiosity (and becuase I have nothing better to do at work right now) I looked the procedure up on a forum and it seems people also need to create a PSN ID every time they cheat themselves a car too!

        I kid you not, there were comments weighing up the alternatives of “it only took me 3 minutes and 30 seconds to birthday glitch, but 4 minutes to get the same amount of money from winning x race” what a joke.

      • And a large chunk of the birthday cars can’t even be sold for cash

      • My birthday isn’t until june… darnation! But that doesn’t mean I’ll fall to the level of glitching it, what if my real birthday gets scr*wed up and I end up being the man with no birthday?… that would totally suck.

  3. You get a gift car on your birthday so you’ve got that to look forward to. The car will be from the year of your birth – pretty cool. Without going in to too much detail, the glitch involves setting up a dummy PSN account(s) and manipulating the birthdate to your advantage. The amount of GT5 log-ins for new users born in 1967 must be suspiciously sky high…

    The downside to it all is that purposefully very rare cars are now everywhere online and are easily passed around. Shame really but that’s gaming.

    • @digitalmanAZ

      • Thx for the answer. You beat me by a few minutes :)

    • Quick, someone tell me a decent car that was released in 1977!

    • unlucky for me my birthday was the week before gran turismo 5 came out and i was born in 1984 not the best year for motoring greatness. i had read about the birthday glitch but haven’t lowered myself to the level of immaturity of those that have. for what to get it done as quickly as possible and move onto the next game seeems a bit ridiculous to me. i will do it legitimately and grind for every penny of the 20 million i need for that 1 car, i mean we have all waited 5 years almost 6 for this game and it will take 2 or 3 days of grinding maybe.

      • i bleedin will. GT5 missed my bday by 1 day !

  4. thats really cool idea! Bit weird people setting up alot of PSN accounts just for a car

    • The things people go through..

      I’d much rather earn my cars and credits the hard way!

      • Same hear, I play games the way they are meant to be played. You’ve paid £30+ for the game so the longer it takes the better.

      • Me too what is the point in cheating in a game like this

  5. Online damage? Bugger! Guess I’d better be a little more careful now? :(

  6. Would be good if you could choose any track and lap which can earn you money… like that classic racr event how the hell can I earn 20.000.000 the sum of cash is ridiculous.

    • You actually win one of those cars in B-Spec Extreme series, Like the Wind event, I’m not certain on the the pricing of it but it does the job in the Historic cups ;)

      • also you dont have to use a 20 million credt car you can use a lambo you win rom another event or buy a camaro and race mod it both options are pretty cheap

  7. Delighted online now has mechanical damage :)

  8. What about an update to allow you to remove the onscreen race data such as the rev counter and G-force display etc…i only want the little race map and my race position on screen while i’m racing.

  9. I hope that PD address the issue with the availability of the Formula Gran Turismo car in the used dealership. I’ve been waiting 5 days for it now and it has only appeared once when I was unable to purchase it.

    • I think they should have a system where you can bookmark cars in the used dealership and they won’t go away on refresh. Limit it, obviously, to maybe just one at a time and it only stays for a week, but it would be a great feature

      • That would be a great feature, and give you time to upgrade and save up credit to buy it ;)

      • Deffinetly need something like this. I hate the fact I’ve “missed” some cars as I’ve leveled up.

  10. @freezebug, i have the formula gran turismo i just kept entering 5 races and quitting then the used dealership is refreshed, it didn’t take me long to get the car. Personaly i would like a feature where you can go to the used dealers and have an option to pick a car from a list what your looking for then you can race away in a spec or b spec and when your car is in the dealers you get a message saying the car you wanted is in. Instead of wastin bloody time to check it. On topic now, where the FCUK is leaderboards? Where is online credits? Online xp? Man I’m sick of racing for nothing online its stupid. Nearly 150MB for a damage patch, a patch that size for any other game would have more interesting stuff.

    • Nice going dude, and I have done the race entering and quitting to check the used dealer, but the car just does not appear. I’m clutching straws here but I am near the of Extreme B-Spec and am hoping that possibly, maybe one of the series gifts the Formula Gran Turismo as a prize, although I have the credit to purchase the scarlet pimpernel.

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