Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Teaser Hits

Entertainment Weekly has just posted up the epitome of a teaser for next year’s Uncharted. Subtitled “Drake’s Deception”, the third part is indeed set in the desert. As reported on the site:


The story focuses on the hero’s relationship with his mentor and father figure, fan fave Victor “Sully” Sullivan, and has him searching for a legendary lost city that will ultimately take him to the Arabian Peninsula and the vast wasteland of the Rub’ al Khali Desert, also known as the Empty Quarter.

The plot of Uncharted 3 draws more from Drake’s exploits as well as from the life of T.E. Lawrence – not from his militant days as the fabled “Lawrence of Arabia,” but rather the Brit’s early years as an archaeologist.

Check out the embedded snippet below to see what’s on offer. Hint: not much at the moment.  Saturday is only a couple of days away, however. *wink*

Source: EW.



  1. Are you serious?

    • Why wouldn’t I be serious?

      • *Shrugs* Just a question.

      • Sorry, but I don’t understand your question.

      • It was basically me speaking out of disbelief. I didn’t even know about these rumors.

      • Ahhh … if you had put in an exclamation point I would have realised! :)

        I thought you were suggesting this wasn’t real. It’s very real. We’ve known about it for a while.

  2. Oh my!

    The most realistic snow ever to the most realistic sand ever

    Last week’s rumours were true

  3. Oooooh Sooooo exciting!!

    • Damn straight. Knew nothing about this till 5 mins ago. Colour me interested.

  4. EPIC TRAILER IS EPIC!!!! And yet shows nothing. Still, day 1 purchase for me. Been a fan of the series since the first one, and a fan of Naughty Dog since the Crash Bandicoot days. Classy stuff.

    • Oh yes! Cannot wait for this game…

    • I’m planing on playing the second one this christmas, should I play the first one before I do so or can I go straight in with the second?

      • You should be able to play the second one without having to play the first one, but you would be doing yourself a bit of a disservice if you did for 3 reasons;
        1. Playing the first one will give you some background into each of the characters (mostly)
        2. The first one is also a great game & should be played
        3. You can pick up the first one dirt cheap these days

        You should still be able to follow the story if that is what you mean though.

      • Agreed, play the first one, well first! :)

      • Thanks guys, I’ll give the first game a play through, well first … if I find myself with enough time for gaming over the holidays (to play both).

      • Uncharted 1 is awesome
        Uncharted 2 will blow you away!

        Get them played as soon as you can – they are effing EPIC!

  5. Huge Uncharted fan, and I would love to see Sully get more exposure. With that said, it would also be great if Elena and Chloe could tag along too.

  6. New Rhapsody… and now a new Uncharted exciting day!!

  7. this is going to be epic. At a time when I can be barely assed to play some of the greatest title that come out on the ps3 uncharted 2 was the only game that made me want to go back and play it through. I hope this is gonna do the same. So excited for this man :D!!!

  8. I love the UC series. The graphics, story and gameplay are sooo amazing. I can not wait for this game. PS3 rules.

  9. I’m not reviewing this one, still reeling from the backlash from my 9…

    • In fairness, it is a 10.

    • We learn from our mistakes. Just don’t be so damn silly next time ;)

    • Yeah how dare you use your opinion when scoring a game.

  10. Nice sidestep of an embargo there!

    Absolutely cannot wait, I gather they will be doing to sand what they did to water in the first and snow in the second.

    • There is no Uncharted 3 embargo. The full reveal will be at the VGAs on Saturday. After that, expect the web to explode with Deception news, though.

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