Uncharted 3’s Cover Art

We rarely do this, but considering we’re heading toward the one hundred comment mark for a certain other article that we posted today, we’re going to take a stab in the cold desert dark and assume you may be interested in this. Here you go folks. Uncharted 3’s cover art. Drake is so dreamy.

Note the “3D Game” logo.




  1. Yaaass, this looks classy as. Drake looks a bit rougher I think.

    Too much U3 news today..head…is….exploding…pop

  2. What happened to Drake? He looks gay in this one.
    Have I missed something?

    • I turned him

    • Apparently the past 20 years.
      How does someone /look/ gay? Be careful with your homophobia please, it won’t ever be tolerated here.

      • Will do. Didn’t mean to offend anyone, and am not homophobic.
        Haven’t posted anything like that before, and never will.

      • That’s a bit strong CC. I don’t think any homophobia was implied, it was just a bit of banter.

        If I wore tight pink hotpants and a crop top, people would say I looked gay, it’s a cliche, I don’t think they are being homophobic in saying so.

      • well said 3shirts. I’ve seen many a comments on here, which have been actually very offending, and go not mentioned, so to have a comment like that get such a remark is quite amusing to be honest.

      • ive got CCs back on this & this (& im straight, not that in reflects on the situation)

      • *edit: in – it

      • I know it’s just a bit of banter guys and I know there was no harm intended but others might not realise how it was intended so I have to mention it. Just in case someone gets offended.

      • “how does someone/look/gay?’ … that should be a Family Fortunes question, Top 5 answers…. lol!

      • So homophobia is not at all tolerated, yet racism is fine?

        yeah, love that logic.

      • Since when has racism been fine? I don’t see any grounds for making that statement. If you read the commenting policy (which handily appears beneath wherever you start writing a comment), there is no tolerance for discrimination of any kind.

      • Racism is not fine at all and i have never seen a racist comment on here.

    • There’s a fine line between saying something is “gay” and not meaning it pejoratively and saying “He looks gay” as to insinuate being gay is a negative thing.

      Commenting on his fetching cravat as being quite effeminate (and hence insinuating Drake is a lover of ALL men) is, in my opinion, funny and has no malice intent. Saying “What happened? He looks gay,” to me, has connotations that it’s bad to be gay. That is my opinion, I should stress, but as a site that deplores any form of discrimination insofar as to chase off rabid fanboys whenever they appear, we had to mention it.

      It’s all about context. In a comment section it’s very hard to convey context at times. Hence, we call it out when appropriate. Note: Stingraz didn’t have his comment altered or “insta-banned” or whatever. He was just asked to be careful.

      Done. Over. Now, let’s get back to the games.

      • Should of read your comment before posting, you couldn’t of said it better.

      • ” to me, has connotations that it’s bad to be gay
        was what i was trying to say, but couldnt find the words
        in this day & age of equality & pc, basically a respect for all

      • Nate: (upon seeing a dead sailor on a boat they just found), “hello sailor”
        Sully: “Do you know how gay that sounded??”
        Nate: “…err…no…”
        Sully: “Come to think of it…you’re wearing a cravat…is there something you wanna tell me?”
        Nate: “dunno what you mean love”
        Sully: “what did you call me?!”
        Nate: “……”
        Sully: “……………”

    • Bit late in this one but I don’t think stingraz meant it like that either. Sometimes the look of someone (even face or expression) can give off a certain impression and I see where he was trying to some from not that there’s anything wrong with that. How about… I think in some way the eyebrows and squint he’s pulling seem to make him look rather camp…? No offense intended! :)

  3. 1. I want to make love to Nate
    2. I will definitely be playing this on my parents 3D TV

    • If the two points combine, that could be a pretty embarrassing situation for both you & your parents! :)

      • Clearly these scenarios would have to be kept separate :)

      • Depends on whether you can resist with a 3D Nate in front of you really i guess! :/

    • This is why people want to meet you.

  4. Looks pretty good actually.

    • It’s okay but not a patch on the boxshot of GTA Rothbury.

  5. Drake looks less Drakey :/

    Nice cover though, he’s tucking his shirt in more than normal.

    • hes been through alot & his planes just crashed
      unless a prequel, he’ll have aged also

    • His mum finally had a word

  6. sweet!

  7. Scarf = gay
    No scarf = straight

    Amazing what a single item of clothing can do.

    I hope the inclusion of 3D doesn’t compromise the quality of the 2D development.

    • i own a scarf like that and amzingly after wearing it to a party i was given the nickname “rentboy” dam those scarfs are powerful!

    • Crap, it’s the fashion police! How the hell did they find us?!

      • the fashion police equal scaryy ahh

    • Haha I love this comment, only a few comments down from CB warning about homophobia! Well know we know how someone can look gay it seems!

    • How would it be compromised, 3D only really needs 2 additional cameras (2D and left & right), then there’s little in-between. the PS3’ll downscale to 720p (per eye)

      • I meant development time (ie. fine-tuning the game for 3D).

        Which now begs the question: if there’s 200 days of development on Uncharted 3, how much of it goes on preparing for 3D?

  8. I think drakes had a mark hamill incident here :S

  9. Oh I almost forgot to mention that this game would be perfect in 3D. Hopefully the hardware will be just a tad more affordable by the time this is released.

  10. Nice box, but Drake looks quite a bit different. First impressions aren’t positive.

    • It’s only the boxart! :P I quite like it imo

    • Box-art doesn’t qualify as a relevant first impression.

    • looks like reg drake to me
      just looks like he’s had a bad day at the office & ready to kick some ass

      re scarf: we’d all want one in that scenario, damn sand storms & that skin burning sun

    • I actually think he looks more like Joe Flanigan Drake’s Fortune’s Drake

      • Not only that, but the name of the game is Drake’s Deception, which also has “Drake’s” in it. Well done, ND. Seems like you’re learning from your (very very very tiny) mistakes (AKA Uc2)

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