Peace Walker Coming to PlayStation 3?

In another recent promotion for Saturday night’s VGA ceremony, an image from Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker appeared momentarily.


Though it may well be a sequel to the blockbuster PSP title, some have speculated that a PlayStation 3 version of Peace Walker could be on the cards. Considering the exposure Metal Gear Rising is getting, there is definitely a Snake-shaped hole in our hearts which needs filling, especially if we aren’t into portable gaming.

The Spike VGAs will be screening tomorrow night at 8PM ET/5PM PT in the States (roughly 1AM for us lousy tea-drinkers.)

Source: SPIKE



  1. I think I’ll wait out for this then. I was going to get PW on the PSP but if there’s a chance it’ll be coming to PS3 then I’d much rather get it on there.

    • Also who’s the writer of this article? I don’t recognise him…

      • He’s new. He works from the broom cupboard at the moment.

      • He’s been great so far. Looking forward to plenty more teabagging.

      • Oh, TSA’s going kinky!

  2. It would be great to have another great MGS game for ps3, I’m unsure about rising since it seems more action orientated. I’ll keep a look out on how this developes though.

  3. Don’t you think that the game appeared, because it may be nominated for a category? You seem to have put one and one together and got three.

  4. OHH, please let it be. i can’t beleive it.*runs down the street shouting the news*

  5. Got this for my PSP

    If this is true I will also have it for my PS3

    • Amen, brother. Can’t ever have too much Naked Snake!

  6. It would make a lot of sense to produce it for the PS3, it would do fantastically. Fingers crossed!

  7. Considering Kojima described this as virtually MGS5 I think a PS3 version is essential.

  8. Yes please! We need more MGS and Snake, Snake, Snnnaaaakkkeeee……

  9. a ps3 version would be good, i feel the psp game suffered due to the limited controls on the psp.
    at least that’s the way it seemed from the demo.

  10. I would LOVE a console version of Peace Walker! Absolutely epic game! Plus it’ll be much easier playing online on the console. It would be a game I actually enjoy playing online!

    Would like them to change the ridiculous codename system they have in the PSP version though. Achieving all those is a bloody slog. I think I have rank 2 butterfly and rank 1 cat and bear and thats it after 128 hours of play!


    • 128 – well you’re just in the beginning, hehe. Have you constructed a slingshot yet? :P

      • I have all the bits, but not bothered to look for 3 others to actually use it.

        I’ve S ranked all single player missions and unlocked all weapons and items. Have been collecting an all female Motherbase but its hard to find good womenfolk :P I could just fill the empty spaces with ladies with crap skills, but I’d rather take the time build up an awesome all-X chromosome team.

        Not played a whole lot though recently tbh.

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