Mortal Kombat Trailer Shows Kratos

It’s true; the God of War really will be taking on Mortal Kombat’s finest when the game hits PS3 next year.  Of all cross-game characters we struggle to think of one better suited to the franchise than Kratos.  Can you imagine what his fatalities are going to be like?

Source: YouTube



  1. That was pretty cool

  2. How dare Kratos cut Scorpion’s epic ‘Get Over Here” short. I’m not sure about him being a god of war but he’s definitely rude!

    • It’s all take take take with him. No pleases or thankyous! Someone needs to go back to finishing school methinks.

  3. But will Zeus be in it? I can imagine Kratos’s fatalies being the most blood and gorest of them all.

  4. Oh he’ll yeah. That was one of the best teaser trailers I’ve ever watched. I was almost “woop, woop”-ing at the end. LOL.

  5. Fatalities? The move that you do in the game when you press Circle to grab someone and then Triangle to rip them apart would do fine!

    • As our lord and master Yahtzee coined it, “The F*** You Button”?

  6. I really cant wait for this game!!

  7. how sexual is that….

  8. how sexy is that….

  9. At first i was like why the f%”$ “£%”%£%^ £^£!%”£$ !!!!!!!! is kratos in mortal kombat, now im like why wasnt he ever in it before?

  10. Kratos absolutely belongs in this game. It was like MK was made for him. Any news on if 360 is getting a exclusive character and if so who?

    • Rumour has it they will be getting a character from Viva Piñata. Ok that’s a lie, but I wish it were true.

      • Damn it. I started reading your comment and got my hopes up. Then i read the end and was utterly disappointed. lol

      • I wonder if Nicole from Halo will be making an appearance in anymore fighting games, she was in DOA4 and she would fit right in with Sektor and Cyrax

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