Kinect Sports and Joy Ride Free DLC

It would seem that Microsoft want Kinect to be the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas. They’ve just announced, via a handy press release, that there will be free DLC for two of their launch titles.

Kinect Sports is getting a whole pack of new party games, some new mascots for the mini games and 250G’s worth of new achievements. They are also adding the ability to track and compete against friends mini game scores as well as new mini game events. A whole host of new content, making one of Kinect’s most fun first party launch titles even better. This pack will be available to download today.


Kinect Joy Ride will be getting a new Chevrolet car pack featuring three new cars (a Camaro, a Corvette and a Cruze) which can be downloaded by selecting the Chevy advert in the Marketplace. The new cars will be available from January 4th.

Here’s the full list of features from the Kinect Sports download:

Six exciting new Mini Games: Shake your hips and move your feet with six brand new Mini Games.

  • SuperStriker for Football lets you score as many goals as you can and avoid the boots.
  • Pinvaders for Bowling lets you stop the pins before they reach the hazard zone.
  • Rapid Runner for Track & Field lets you run the furthest distance before you run out of time.
  • Target Smash for Table Tennis lets you smash the targets to grab the score.
  • Fruit Splatter for Volleyball lets you hit the fruits while dodging the bombs.
  • King of the Ring for Boxing lets you knockout as many opponents as you can.

“Challenge” Feature allows you to track and compete with friends’ Mini Game scores.

15 Party Play Events: Increase the variety with new Mini Game Events and new variations of the original Mini Games you already love.

Three new goofy mascots to use in Party Play spice up the game and include:

  • Zippy Zombie
  • Champion Chicken
  • Sportastico

10 achievements worth 250G to keep you challenged.



  1. Great news. Kinect Sports is a lot of fun and my favourite Kinect title. It was going to be played a lot this Christmas but this extra DLC gives an even bigger incentive.

  2. I wish sony would give move users a bit of christmas joy , i feel were on the short end of the stick (intended pun :p)

    • “Short end of the short stick!”

  3. Definitely sounds better than a ‘reverse tee’ or halloween costume add-on.

    • Is a ‘reverse tee’ when you teabag yourself?? :O

      • Sounds painful

      • With the contortions that would probably be involved in that scenario i believe you might be referring to a ‘Rusty Venture’ ;)

  4. I hope their will be something like this for sports champions this week or next week. It’s does not need to be free but a new sport would be nice.

  5. Shame Joy Ride itself wasn’t free…. MICRO$OFT.

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