PSN Tetris Trailer Shows 4-Player Battles

Tetris is the classic of classics.  I’m fairly sure everyone has played at leased one version in their lifetime, so how can EA convince us to part with our hard earned money again?  1080p graphics?  Not really.  Six multiplayer modes, three of which are PSN exclusive?  Ah, now you’re getting warm!  The latest trailer shows off a wealth of multiplayer goodness, including four player battles, online multiplayer, and team battle.

Due out next year, it’s looking likely that Tetris will once again be taking over people’s lives.

Source: US PS Blog


  1. This needs Move support :). Like Tumble but faster and four times more likely to give you RSI :)

  2. More tetris? Spare Parts looks much more fun.

  3. Never been a fan of tetris. Just always found it pretty dull after a certain point.

  4. I just know I’m going to end up spending every free minute I’ve got playing it…

  5. Judging from EA’s PSP version and the video above this will be complete Fail compared to both Space Invaders Infinity Gene and Pacman Championship Edition.

    • Yep, both Space Invaders Infinity Gene and Pacman Championship Edition are absolutely awesome but that’s because they’ve taken the classic gameplay but brought it bang up to date

  6. I was always a Columns man… get to it SEGA!

  7. So that’s the reason why EA never allowed us to play our Tetris PSPmini on the PS3. Sad.

  8. Does tetris really need surround sound? lol!

  9. 5.1SS is a little much?!?! the multiplayer bits look like a nice addition, but not enough for many to part cash for a game you can play free flash versions for…

  10. looks like up to 6 players can compete :)

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