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Media Molecule have this morning launched, the new online portal for all things LittleBigPlanet.


On the new site, once signed in with your PlayStation Network account, you can view the recent in-game activities of you and your friends, as well as view the profiles of any player, or the page for any specific level. See a level you like the look of? Add it to your queue, and you’ll see it next time you boot up the game. You can also spread the love by ‘liking’ levels and profiles on Facebook, or tweeting about them.

Mm recommend that the first thing you do on is to change your privacy settings – by default they are set so no-one can see what you’re up to, so you’ll be wanting to change that.

So head over to the new site, and find yourself some snazzy new levels to play! Perhaps we can recommend a couple.

Source: Official LBP Blog



  1. They’re all toeing the social network andgle at the moment by the looks of it, with Killzone, GT5 and LBP all having their own portals.

    This should make things a whole lot easier to find hopefully. I’ve got high hopes for the GT5 one but it seems a bit limited at the moment.

    • In all fairness, some titles SCREAM community and LBP needed something more organised than the H4H bollocky-situation it got itself into. has been designed to rectify this so, personally, I can’t wait! God knows the signal-to-noise ratio of community levels left one feeling frustrated when searching for truly great levels.

      • Agreed, I’m surprise it has taken them this long to knock it up!

  2. I swear i used this site a couple of months ago…

  3. Cool beans….

    • cooooooOOOOOOOOL be-be-be-be-beans

      • cooocoooocoooocollllll beeeebeeeebeeebeansss!!!!!

  4. This is a great idea. Another site I can have fun with whilst at work.

  5. Oh, when I read the title I though this would let us make a little sack version of ourselves like the South Park one and Simpsonise me.

  6. Awesome, will try this out later.

  7. “502 Bad Gateway

    awwwwwwwwwwww :(

  8. nifty little site, will make LBP2 searching alot easier!

  9. Is Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves worth a £5, anyone?

    • It’s fun, but you need Move and someone to play it with. But if you’re not in a hurry, then it will be available on disc along with LBP2.

  10. Works very well, but a shame the “Story” levels are’t included yet. However, it’s an excellent way of browsing LBP levels. And I like the fact you can heart levels and people, and add levels to your Queue.

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