Dragon Age 2: Combat Walkthrough

The changes to the combat system in Dragon Age 2 have caused no small amount of concern among fans who played the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins. On the PC DA:O sported a vastly different interface to its console brethren as well as the ability to zoom out to a more tactical view of combat.

That Dragon Age 2 (#62) would have a common interface across all platforms and be locked to a third-person view has been widely seen by PC players as a ‘dumbing down’ of the combat system turning it into just another hack’n’slash RPG.  They have been looking to BioWare for some indication that this is not the case.

BioWare have been trying to address the issues in comments and have now posted this video onto the Dragon Age 2 site to highlight that there are two very distinct ways combat can be played.  First the hack’n’slash approach and then a more tactical and methodical way.

Now I’m a self-confessed fan of Dragon Age: Origins having played around 400 hours of it this year on PS3 and PC with about a 3:1 ratio of hours spent on each platform.  So I am keenly aware of the differences in the combat systems.  BioWare are starting to win over the PC-gaming part of me with their arguments that a tactical approach to combat is still applicable, but I’m going to miss that top-down view point.  BioWare could still easily win me over though by just letting Leliana feature heavily in DA2.  :-)

For those of you who played DA:O on PC, how are BioWare addressing any concerns you have about the changes to the games interface?



  1. I’d like to see Leliana feature too, she was definitely the most interesting character in DA:O. But isn’t this set in a different time and on a different continent?

    • It covers a 10 year period starting with the fall of Lothering to the Darkspawn and explores other areas of the world. So yes, she is unlikely to feature. Unfortunately.

      • It could start just a few days before the fall of lothering and she could make a cameo. I think the lothering section might be somthing like the origins. I think the warden might be mentioned or make an appaerance depending on your save.

  2. Awsome game! Man next year is going to have sooo many good games coming to the PS3. Happy days to come =)

  3. Oh, Greg, fella. Bloody awesome video. I really, REALLY like how that’s shaping up. I’ve thrown 100 hours or so at the PC version (not touched the console version) and ignoring the aerial, zoomed-out view, that’s looking a treat. I love the “get in there” option of treating it like an action title but equally, if you feel like you want to sit back and give your ranged attacks some luvvin, a more tactical approach is still available to us (and possibly the default choice for the more serious skirmishes).

    I always found the battles to be a very stop-and-start affair as you try to treat each ruckus with an RTS mindset. However, it looks like Bioware have managed to adopt a more fluid approach without sacrificing too much. Top marks.

  4. holly shit i didn’t get to see much of the video but looks freaking amazing!!! good thing i preordered mine!!! wooo!

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