DC Universe Online To Launch In January?

DCUO fans, you may be in luck. American residents who pre-ordered the game from Amazon have received e-mails from the online retail giant, claiming that the game will release between January the 18th and 20th:


We have received new release date information related to the order you placed on October 08 2010 (Order# XXXX). The item(s) listed below will actually ship sooner than we originally expected based on the new release date.

Originally DC Universe Online was thought to be pushed back to mid-March from its initial November 2010 release window. Sony Online Entertainment have yet to come forward, though a response is guaranteed in the next 48 hours.

Expect our three-part preview for DC Universe Online in the coming weeks.

Source: Massively



  1. Really loving the beta but really don’t want to pay £10 a month

    • Me too..it’s quality game though really enjoying the beta!!

      • It’s incredibly addictive. I honestly can’t wait until it launches, whether that be Janurary or March.

        I don’t think a subscription rate has been confirmed, though yes, a tenner per month is on the cards. Hopefully PS+ subscribers will get a healthy discount.

      • Sorry for being stupid but what is it? I know it’s an MMO in the DC Universe but gameplay wise and all…

      • It plays more like an action game than your everyday MMO (Guild Wars, World of Warcraft etc.)

        A good example would be a cross between X-Men Legends and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. How ironic.

      • I still haven’t had the chance to get onto it since downloading the beta on my plus account. I’m well aware that it will become a massive time-sponge and probably end up convincing me to pay for a subscription at the end so that’s probably a good thing!

  2. so is there only me thats finding it that laggy its unplayable?!

    • Nope i did at first though it was horrible,laggy,ugly,slow ect..but after playing for few hours i thought it was brilliant

    • The freezing and lag is probably something which will be cut down when the game launches.

  3. i think (ps3 beta) when you consider the limitations that console hardware has, in terms of ram etc etc that this game is an example of what amazing is.
    the size of the zones (metropolis, and gotham) is astronomical and puts city of heroes zone walls to shame. the draw rates are impressive i thought they would be allot less.

    the crashes are annoying but hell its a beta. i like the look of the game, what gets me is when wow players claim its ugly… yeah wow players.

    all in all i look forward to a release. i do hope for a PS+ discount after all its a sony release so should be easily discountable for them

  4. looks and feels cold and lifeless, like playstation home with the ability to fly and punch. deleted beta after checking gotham and metropolis only to find nothing of interest in the low quality unreal engine inhabited by poorly designed avatars and shoddy npcs

    • one of those games u need to let inhabitions go & ur imagination run free
      like home & gta series for example

  5. i wanted to play the beta but didn’t have enough space on my hard drive.

    • Just made space will download through the night.

      • can’t recommend you do, unless you blindly love all things dc

  6. surprised considering amount of bugs in beta, which i have to say doesnt stop you playing
    a testament of how good & addictive the gameplay is
    (i just hope created characters carry over from beta, even if stats are reset)

  7. The graphics were decent, The gameplay was addictive and the game was fun yet suffered from lag and many bugs. DC Universe has great potential and a January release to me is impossible unless in the speed of sound! SOE will patch the beta thus making a January release a reality!

    Many can dream….

  8. I can’t play this game as I cannot read any of the writing on my screen. Tis a shame but I played upto the mailbox bit n it seems alrite, the potential is there.

    • That’s a relief! I thought it was only me who has to put their nose right up to the screen to be able to read the tiny text!

    • I hate that with todays games you have to push you’re face against the TV to be able to read the text the only smart team is Polyphony they actually put a zoom function in GT5 for us who play on older TVs or for people who might have other problems seeing the texts on screen

  9. I’ve loved playing the Beta as a bad guy. Would like to see some more player controlled good guys that I can go up against.
    Not sure I’ll pay £10 a month though as I’ve got Mass Effect 2 arriving in January.

  10. Loving beta putting in about 4 – 5 hours a day can’t wait for release

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