Uncharted and LBP2 Going Portable?

Over the weekend, reports have surfaced online that both Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series and Media Molecule’s cutesy sequel will be making the jump from their current PS3 homes to the smaller screen.

Apparently the latest issue of US games mag Game Informer (via CVG) mentions the potential portable Uncharted in a discussion about the still-not-announced PSP2: “”The developers we talked to described the PSP2 as a very powerful machine,” the mag says. “We’ve even heard that a new Uncharted spin-off…is in the works.”


The magazine also speculates that this Uncharted PSP could stand in for a full Uncharted 3, but obviously that situation has changed since the issue went to print. Sony could be looking to the Uncharted series, as a visual highlight of the PS3’s collection, to show off the new portable’s graphical power.

On top of that, Game Australia is currently listing LittleBigPlanet 2 for a 2011 release on PSP. All the product information is the same as the PS3 version, although retailer listings can be, and often are, wrong, so take this one with a pinch of salt. If true however, it could mean either a PS3 and PSP release of the same game, or a followup to the original PSP port of LittleBigPlanet, to come later in the year. If so, it’d seem more likely that the game would be coming to PSP2 instead of the current handheld, but obviously Game won’t have a category for that just yet.

Naturally, without an announcement for the console itself, we won’t be seeing Sony coming out and confirming these games just yet, but it’s interesting to see what we might be playing on the go when the company finally gets round to announcing and releasing the thing.



  1. When’s the PSP2 coming though?

  2. If the PSP2 does not have a second analog stick then Uncharted will simply not work. I’ve played the LBP game on the PSP and it works really well so will definately pick that up if i get a PSP2.

    • It must have a 2nd stick, surely.

      Just surely.

      • in the pictures if you look there are 2 metal pin type things where the analouge sticks should be, I reckon they are analouge sticks. Like the little mini mouse balls seen on old laptops.

  3. If Uncharted and LBP2 were in the line up, the PSP2 would look very good.

  4. If the psp2 allows cross compatibility with ps3 then i’m all for the LBP2 version, not sold on the uncharted psp idea.

    • no wait,re uncharted i just noticed the words ‘spin-off’ so it could be something different from the main game.

  5. If this is true, I will definitely get these.

  6. As much as i love Uncharted (best saga this gen IMO) if this is true, i dont think sony is “getting it” with the portables. Its great having drake on the bus on the way home, but, at the end, its a game ill always prefer to play on a big TV at home.

    • Thank god it’s a spin off, then, much like Daxter on the PSP. Hopefully that means it won’t be developed by ND and those who can’t buy a PSP2 will still receieve all of ND’s great awesome perfect games. Yes I know I’m being really selfish here.

  7. I hated the PSP version of Littlebigplanet maybe this time they can check if create mode actually works for 60mins and hopefully adds adhoc multiplayer like seriously why!?

    • I found it ok but that maybe because i never even touched create mode.

      • It was okay but the lack of Ad-hoc multiplayer was fatal…

  8. Uncharted on PSP2 amazing!

  9. Would love to play Uncharted on the move

  10. I Would buy a PSP again to play uncharted PSP lol!!

    • Or i would buy a PSP 2 to play it

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