Ubisoft Modifies Its DRM System?

Ubisoft weren’t on many PC gamers Christmas card list last year after introducing a DRM system that required a constant net connection to play titles such as Assassin’s Creed II.  Some are saying this system has been changed somewhat, with gamers over at Reddit posting screen shots of AC II running offline and claiming the following:

“Recently a patch was released which removes the necessity for some Ubisoft games to have an Internet connection to be played. Here is a screenshot from Assassin’s Creed 2 and another for Splinter Cell: Conviction showing the games being played with no connection.

You still require an Internet connection to authenticate when the game is booted. Just thought I’d share this in case anyone was tossing up buying it. (Just to be clear, previously under these circumstances the game would pause itself immediately).”

Whilst the initial reaction would be to claim Ubisoft are backing down, if memory serves me correctly the plan was always to remove, or at least limit the DRM once games pass a certain age.  Add this to the fact that Ubisoft still claim that “most of our PC games” will use the DRM system; I think some people may be celebrating too early.

Source: Reddit



  1. So, these games were rendered unplayable altogether without an internet connection? That sounds like a bit of a kick in the teeth!

    • a complete con is what it is, so if you dont have the internet do you get a full refund.

      i dont play pc games but if i did id be buggered as i only have connection when im not at home

  2. Surely the fact that the game still needs an active internet connection to boot doesn’t really help any non-interwebbed gamers out anyway?

    I’d be a bit miffed if I bunged it on my laptop, took my laptop away on holiday and then couldn’t play without signing up for local wifi everytime I wanted to stab a few Borgia.

    • To me, it was mostly just annoying because my connection can be iffy at best. Apparently, if your internet connection dropped out, it’d kick you out of the game and not allow you to save.

      Still, I’d stay away from multiplatform Ubisoft games on the PC since 360/PS3 doesn’t have any annoying DRM at all… kinda considering buying Settlers 7 now though.

      • That is pretty daft, Ubi really ought to appreciate that not everyone’s internet connection is particularly reliable.

        I tend to stick to the PS3 as well to be honest, despite owning a few weighty PCs, I just don’t have the inclination to sit in the office and blast through games as much as I do in the lounge. I do stick the odd game on my laptop when I go away, I think the last PC game I bought was Mass Effect 2 though so it’s been a while!

  3. I must have missed the original story but what a way to alienate your customer base. No internet no game. Fuck you ubisoft! ;) (although i do enjoy your games lol)
    Glad that they may have seen the error in their ways

  4. I’m no professional tech-bod but doesn’t all Steam games suffer from the same?

    • No, I’m pretty sure that steam games don’t require you to be logged in to play, only to install and get updates..

      • I couldn’t connect a while ago (Steam was having trouble) and there was no way I could play Episode 2 (HL2). Then again, I don’t know Steam inside out and there’s probably a way around that.

      • There is a “play offline” mode, but I don’t know too much about it. I’ve got 2 computers, so I often put 1 of them into offline mode and can even play games over LAN. Just not sure how you change to offline mode when you don’t have an internet connection… though I’m sure it’s given me the option before when I didn’t have internet.

    • I was pretty devastated to find that after buying GT5 prologue on the ps store I had to be online to play it, especially as my uni halls wouldn’t let my ps3 on the network.

  5. I know it is sort of unrelaed but the U-play thing ubisoft has going is a great idea.it gives you rewards for playing the game and you can choose the ones you want as you compleate the achivments to earn points to spend on it

    • yeah, i agree, i got everything from assassins creed 2. and ive got altairs outfit and armour for ac:b so far. going for the Online character next.

      • Uplay has a newly released iPod app as well.

      • Also sign up to the Assassins Creed Project legacy on facebook, you can get uplay reward points to get all those other ones in Brotherhood :)

  6. i am going to state a fact, drm has never been very succesful at stopping piracy, and i don’t think it ever will.
    when it’s over intrusive like this ridiculous system it will cause more piracy than it will ever stop.

    when the end result of your drm system is that the pirate has a better experience with the product than the legitimate user, whether it was designed that way or not, well, in that instance, helen keller can see that it’s a total and utter failure, and you’re a total and utter frakking idiot to have ever used it in the first place.

    i wont buy any on disc game that is infested with steam, and i sure as hell wont buy any game with this kind of drm crap infesting it either.

    it takes a special kind of business mind to think that alienating the customers is the best way to combat piracy.

    piracy is a problem, i’m not denying that, but this is not the solution, this will just drive more people to piracy that would have otherwise bought a copy.

  7. i hate games that require internet connection.

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