Beyond Good & Evil HD Teaser Trailer

HD re-releases are all the rage lately, although we don’t mind when the quality is as high as that found in Sly Trilogy, God of War Trilogy, and the Prince of Persia Trilogy.  One of our most anticipated updates for this year is ‘Beyond Good & Evil HD’.  The original game was released back in 2003 to critical, if not commercial, success and followed the story of Journalist Jade and her pig friend Pey’j.  Check out the teaser below.

Source: Destructoid



  1. Graphics are looking nice and crisp! I enjoyed this on PS2 and i’m looking forward to playing it again!

  2. Man, that brings back memories. Hopefully this HD remaster is to hype up the release of the sequel which no one seems to have talked about in a good while now. If Beyond Good & Evil 2 is anything like the first game then I’m happy. This’ll do until then.

  3. But when is someone gonna do R+C? D:

    • My thoughts exactly :(

    • Ditto’ed

    • Agreed.

      i was just plowing though a crack in time and i had the same thought

    • I would do anything for a R+C HD remake… I really hope one is in the works.

  4. now we just need some news on beyond good & evil 2

    • Hopefully we’ll hear something soon, it’s been incredibly quiet so far.

  5. Was going to pay over the odds for this for the GC version, no longer.

  6. Meeeeeh I need a TimeSplitters HD remake so bad :( Or a new one.

  7. never played beyond good and evil and only came to know of its existence when the beyond good and evil 2 teaser was released. Thankfully im getting a second chance to check out the first one in hd.

  8. “They’re back…in an all old adventure!”

    Sorry, that’s what came into my head when I saw that text haha. Looking forward to this. Never got the chance to play it back when it came out, so I might pick this up sometime.

  9. I haven’t played this, but am looking forward to getting it. I downloaded a free demo of the pc version a while ago, and was very impressed. Any news on BGE2 yet? All i’ve seen is that stunning CG trailer released what seems like ages ago…

  10. i like what they’re doing remaking games in HD great idea!

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