First Dragon Age II DLC Outed

Welcome to the future! It’s great here. We’re really digging our 3DSs, Metal Gear Solid: Rising is awesome (wait until you see what Raiden can do with a two melons) and Sony’s decision to release a PlayStation fridge was just genius. Trust us on that one.

Okay, so it’s not the future, but you’d be forgiven in thinking it was, with news surfacing today that the first DLC for Dragon Age II – The Exiled Prince – has been announced. Yes, DLC for a game that isn’t out until March.

But wait! The content is actually free if you pre-order the game before January 11th (so, if you’re a big DA head, we’d recommend getting your skates on), after which it will cost you the princely sum of 560 Microsoft points. Or about a fiver. Maybe. Our Microsoft-to-real-money calculator is on the brink again.

Here’s what’s in store.

Source: RPGSite


  1. This is something that should be free for everyone,happy that this is not on my buy list.

    • If this game was online I would be happy to pay for a lifetime subscription.

  2. I feel wonderful things when I see a BioWare game.
    Wonderful. Things.

  3. Since when did Taggart start doing video games voice overs?

  4. Really looking forward to this and signature edition is pre-ordered for a very good deal in Gamestop DK :)

  5. Sounds good, but i’m might not get it untill i have played DA 2

  6. why is the “prince” scottish?

  7. Bioware’s utter love for DLC has totally put me off their games. Not so much because I think they take nickel-and-diming to a new level, which I do, but because I want my RPGs to be cohesive experiences with an all-encompasing story arch, not a hub onto which they can keep tacking on independent and disjointed missions for as long as they bloody please.

  8. This is stupid. It should just be included in the game.

    • its very stupid. i like bioware. they make great games but they sure as hell piss me off with the DLC.

  9. can’t wait for da2!!!

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