[email protected]: December Update

So it’s a new year (Happy new year by the way), and what better way to look forward into 2011, than look back into the last month of 2010. So, as a fitting tribute to our best year ever (we had 6 months in 2009, so it’s not exactly hard), I thought I’d add in a few, extra folding tidbits about TheSixthAxis’ folding during 2010.

Before we start, we have the usual call for new folders, yup, it’s our monthly “we need YOU on board this magical trip to cure this world of it’s horrid diseases … drive”. Yes we need more of you to set your Linux, MAC, or Windows based computer or PS3 up to fold for a cure.

Unfortunately this month we folded 17,000 points less (a total of 645,000 points) than during November, making December our worst month since June, so in answer to last months question, “Will we reach 1million points in 1 month during 2010?”, it’s a firm no, so 2011, I’m pretty sure we’ll get to the magical milestone during this year.


Team Information
This month I have 2 tables for you, this time in actual colour, first of which is the usual monthly info.

This Month Last Month Change Score New Points Work Units
603 621 18 9,764,231 644,692 32,569

The second one is what we’ve managed during 2010, it’s hard to think that we’ve actually climbed over 800 places, and folded 7.7million points and completed 25,000 work units.

Rank Points Work Units
January 2010 1,426 2,039,784 7,076
December 2010 603 9,764,231 32,569
Change 823 7,724,447 25,493

Team Radar
Seems like we’ve lost another big team, Kotaku have started to pull away, currently folding a mere 2,000 points more than us per day, come on TSA, surely the best gaming community can take over the big Kotaku, I mean, we don’t dish out your details.

Project Rank Team Name Points Ahead Overtake in
177 IGN-PS3 43,497,674 10.9 Years
244 Official-ish PS3Fanboy Folding Team 25,625,152 8.6 Years
247 Team GameFAQs 24,833,786 7.1 Years
275 Apple Computer, Inc. 20,666,664 5.5 Years
300 ps3-hacks.com 16,739,209 4.8 Years
315 Playstation.fr 14,644,033 3.3 Years
324 Gamespot @ Home 13,204,345 4.6 Years
350 [email protected] 10,727,777 2.3 Years
383 Cheap Ass Gamers 8,296,725 3.6 Years
391 NVIDIA 7,948,967 2.3 Years
394 Official German PlayStation Community Team 7,865,658 6.5 Years
421 IBM 6,283,586 9.9 Years
435 EdgeGamers.Org Folders 5,646,719 1.6 Years
461 PS Forum EU 4,309,561 11.1 Months
481 Joystiq 3,268,092 8.1 Months
482 Insomniac Games 3,268,092 8.1 Months
520 ChicagoGamers 1,991,140 4 Months
545 PS3Gen 1,214,804 2.9 Months
558 SCEA SD FPQA 963,193 1.9 Months
596 Maryland PS3 Team 79,575 6 Days

New Members

13 new folk this month making a total of about 150 new people over 2010. Hey look there’s YOURMUMANDME!

Rank Contributor Points WU’s
1 iiekka 18,412 176
2 monkalottapus 8,801 32
3 Stueeeee 4,016 16
4 AdamGuest1985 2,842 14
5 kerrfaewishy 1,004 4
6 alziron 527 5
7 dizwod 493 1
8 James123 251 1
9 AkimboGeordie 251 1
10 Y2Ken 251 1
12 Jim 251 1
13 GrabMyJoystick 0 9
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  1. Awesome data! *mind boggles* Really pleased to be back in the charts. Sure, my PS3 died but a new one is Folding and I feel at peace once more with seeing [email protected] articles. I get quite guilty if I’m not Folding.

    Also, the slim has lower power consumption which is great! Quick question, Jas-n. Have you explained the Advanced option in the PS3 software (Life with Playstation/[email protected])? I’d love an explanation, fella.

    • Ditto on the request for explanation of the Advanced option!

    • It basically gives you experimental work units, which can be of varying lengths (i.e. larger or smaller than normal work units).

      • Actually, standard can give you 48 hour ones, just like the advanced (ask AG2297).
        The only real difference, is advanced gives you a graph.

      • Eh? Aren’t PS3 WUs usually the eight hour ones? How do I open up to more experimental tomfoolery? (with the PS3 ;-))

      • I’m on Advanced (also Expert Mode set on in general settings) and All my wu’s are 300,000 long and take just under 6 hours.
        Before i switched to Advanced mode i did have one wu which was 1,000,000 long and took a day and a half to complete.
        So if Advanced only has an exra graph and isn’t necessarily folding more i might switch back to normal mode.

      • Yeah, I fold in Advanced and always get 300,000 point Work Units. For the past 15 at least but you’d think if a million-pointer was gonna pop up it’d have done so by now.

      • Well it’s meant to be a more focused mode with more CPU power going to folding (and less stuff running in the background). But as far as I (and some of you others) can tell, there’s only a graphs difference.
        In advanced, the WU’s are 6 to 6.5 hours, just like normal. And in normal you can receive WU’s that take 24-48 hours to complete, just like advanced.
        So it’s a case of, do you want a graph?

  2. Yay I made the top fifty! I got off to a really good start this month folding, but I did kinda start forgetting to leave it running, with the excitement of Christmas and all. Back to normality now though, so I hope to contribute even more :)

  3. I’ve upped my folding a bit lately as i picked up a broken (no bluray) ps3 just before xmas and i have it folding 24/7 since xmas eve. Too late to make much difference this month but next month should be better.

    • Sounds like a good plan, where did you get the broken PS3 from?

      • Bought it for 50 euros from a 2nd hand store who didn’t want to fix it themselves!

  4. ranked 25th for my second month, happy with that!!

    • That’s only in December mind, you’ve got a way to get to 25th overall. But congrats

  5. After you called me out last month…
    ” I blame RedStarGlow for his week of reduced folding.”

    I increase by 20,000 points this month! I got a new video card so I may try the GPU later this month.

    • Yeah, then I stop folding for a week, AND my ps3 doesn’t fold, so I just stopped, where you tootled along on your PS3 :P.

  6. Hi TSA folders, I’ve just joined the TSA website and I’ll be folding for yourselves. I wonder does WU’s or points earned from previous teams transfer over to your new team…..

    • Nope sorry, the points start again, but your overall points are combined, but in these stats it’s the points earned for the team that are taken into account.
      Its how Stanford is.

  7. ranked 5 for december with 4 work units dont know if that a good thing or a bad thing ?

    • silly me that out of the newcomers oh well al certainly get the broke blueray ps3 up and going now

    • It has to be a good thing, you’ve contributed to research….

      • Certainly, every little helps, and you are doing more than others, some of which aren’t doing any, it’s like they’re for diseases.

  8. Whoa! I rocked that month….. Linux now. Let’s see what happens.

  9. alziron 527 5

    thanx to my intel dual core (he) rly dwn (his) best

    • thanks to my 8 logical core i7 I’m 2nd ;)

  10. No.3 out of newcomers. I am happy with that! :-)

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