PES 3DS Gameplay Trailer

Konami has released a gameplay trailer for ‘Winning Eleven 3DS’ – which is Pro Evo to you and I.  Graphically it’s a huge leap up from the current batch of DS football games, and one can’t help but imagine how much some added depth perception will enhance the gameplay.

Source: YouTube


  1. So it starts off saying PES then it says Winning Eleven? Graphics look good though, better almost as good as Xbox 360 I’d say.

    • Graphics look as good as PS3, not on par with PS3/360.
      Amazing, though, for what it is.

      • nah i think it looks more like a little better than ps2

      • I meant look as good as PS2, sorry.

    • Japan has quite a few games that have a different title to their counter-parts over here. Be assured that it is a PES trailer :).

      • The logo is a trophy, which if you read from left to right, says PES, with a crown on top and base on the bottom.
        However, if you look from top to bottom, you see WE, with two trophy handles.
        So it can be used for both franchises.

  2. oh my god…. Lionel Messi in 3-D!!!!!!

    gameplay looks great

  3. I tell you what.

    3DS with Metal Gear Solid 3-D and Pro Evo. I am sold!!

  4. It certainly looks like a competant footy sim. I haven’t really got on with handheld itertions in the past but this might change things.

  5. /\ Iteration. God knows what an itertion is!

  6. The 3DS is shaping up to be very good. Wonder how much its going to cost…

  7. I thought Winning Eleven and Pro Evo were different products, rather than just different names. I’m sure it was once the case that the two games were released a few months apart, with Pro Evo being the newer, slightly tweaked version. That might not be the case now, mind.

    Trailer looked surprisingly good. have never considered getting a handheld console (not since my original Gameboy in the early 90’s) when I have a perfectly good PS3 at home, but since I’ve got my iPhone 4 I’ve been impressed by the quality of games on offer and their ability to kill free time at work (during lunch, of course), so I’m certainly open to getting something more game-focused.

    • Google is your friend!

      “Pro Evolution Soccer, officially abbreviated as PES (known before in Japan, Korea and in the Americas as Winning Eleven).

      Every year, the new version of the game is released first as Winning Eleven in Japan, and after a few months a slightly modified version is released worldwide, in two different packages: World Soccer: Winning Eleven for the Americans, and Pro Evolution Soccer for the rest of the world.”

      • Does it also mention that it used to be better than FIFA? I’m struggling to remember that now, too!

  8. Hope it’s possible to change the camera angle as it’s almost impossible to pass backwards on that camera angle and know that your pass is going to make it to it’s intended target.

  9. Damn the 3ds is tempting!

  10. i cant see how its guna work.i mean 3d is to make you feel ur in the game.but with a 3 inch screen how the hell is that guna work lol.

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