Impressive Third-Party PS3 Bluetooth Remote Shown At CES

With all the talk of video game announcements it gets pretty easy to forget that gaming is only a small portion of what goes on at CES. Other random gizmos and gadgets are just as much a part of the event as games are.  Luckily, you’ll occasionally see products like this that encompass both games and gadgets.

On Thursday, Sunflex USA unveiled their new Bluetooth PS3 remote to the people on hand at CES.  It’s called the ‘Snakebyte Premium Bluetooth Universal Remote.’  If ever there were an ultimate media remote made specifically for the PlayStation 3, this might be it.  It comes loaded with a built in lithium-ion battery that can be recharged via a standard USB outlet, a back lit crystal display that shows the time and the room temperature, and built in infrared technology that will allow you to program up to four other non-Bluetooth devices for simultaneous use.  It’s even got a built in motion detector, which we assume is there so it lights up as soon as you pick it up.


Howard Borenstein, President of Sunflex USA, had this to say about the new device:

“The snakebyte brand epitomizes innovative and high quality products for demanding gamers.  We’re in the process of expanding our portfolio of premium PS3 products and we’re proud to offer a definitive single remote control solution for PS3 users which will live up to the highest standards.”

It launches in the U.S. in April for the price of $49.99.  No word on whether or not this new toy will make it across the pond to Europe – and the name of the company making it is slightly discouraging – but who knows.  If the right website were to get a hold of it and gamers showed some interest, you never know what might happen.

That said, what do you think of this remote?

Source: News10.Net



  1. Looks bland….

    • Agreed it doesent look brilliant.

    • my immediate reaction was ‘ugh!’

  2. If I can program it for my surround sound and for my TV too, then it’d be perfect. Really annoying having 3 remotes!

    • if you can afford a sony bravia with bravia sync and sony surround sound system get them then your problem of many remotes is solved

      • Haha my guess is that the remote is slightly easier on the wallet.

    • logitech harmony is also a good option, you can even learn it a command by pressing a button on your old remote at the sensor on the harmony and then you simply choose a button to map it to!

  3. While reading the post I was thinking it would cost £100+ so was surprised to see a $50 price. Although if it comes over the pond I bet it will cost more.

  4. That’s pretty ugly. And for the price… I doubt it will sell well:P

  5. Would be nice to control my PS3,TV and Sky from one remote

    • I was just thinking the same thing. Assuming that it comes out over here (or is cheap to import) and works with a Sky box I might pick this up.

  6. I gave up hoping to find a universal remote that did everything well. Only advantage i see here is the backlight.

  7. I use a Logitech Harmony and I do not think there is a better remote out there! With the PS3 – Harmony-adapter it is just beautiful. All other remote-controls are in a drawer, I only need my Logitech.

  8. Looks a bit like the official remote with the addition of the date and temperature; 2 things I think every gamer needs…

  9. I had the official remote. it doesnt get much use. Always opt for the pad instead, although when i forst started using it, it seemed to drain the batteries pretty quickly

    • you need to turn it off as it acts like the ds3 and will stay on for at least 5 minutes (as it’s bluetooth) depending on your power saving options, I’ve not needed to change the batteries for at least a year and a half now.

      the remote is much nicer for watching media and playing music, but the ds3 does a good job too, you’ll just need to charge it more often.

      it’s a shame that the remote didn’t come with an led power indicator as you would then at least know when the batteries are in use, plus why they made EVERY button a power on button I’ll never know, but still, it’s a decent remote.

      this one looks easier to use though…but will it need a usb slot like all the other third party crap?

  10. I thought it was a controller when I first spotted this.

    How disappointed I was.

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