‘PixelJunk Shooter 2’ Release Is Drawing Near

PixelJunk Shooter 2 is definitely one of the most anticipated titles to come out on the PlayStation Network in 2011, but the question of exactly when we’ll see it continues to linger. While we still don’t know an exact date, we now know that all that’s left before it gets the green light is a successful pass of certification.

The producer of the PixelJunk series, Matt Morton, confirmed this during an interview with the PlayStation Blog in the midst of CES.


“We don’t have an official date yet but we are so close.  Right now we’re kind of going for certification so… soon.”

So there you have it.  It’s close.  If you want to catch the rest of the interview with Matt, you can see it via the video below.

Source: US PlayStation Blog



  1. Sweet! cant wait for this, loved the first one and this looks like a sure improvement.

  2. Yay, about time! :D

  3. Awesome – PJ Shooter (the first one) was brilliant, so can’t wait for this!

    • Completely with you on this one. The only worry is that local co-op is missing. No mention of it at all. However, I’ll be getting this on day one regardless.

      • Local co-op is still in so there’s no worries!

  4. Well i never played any of the Pixeljunk series but i bought the first one not too long ago after reading great reviews. Have been playing it bit by bit and am really enjoying it. Reminds me a little bit of a game called Fathom that was on Sky games years ago. But I’m sure this will be just as awesome!

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