New ‘Dragon Age II’ Developer Diary – The Story

A new developer diary for Dragon Age II has surfaced and the developers spend their 5 minutes of face time wisely, explaining what makes the story in Dragon Age II so compelling. There was some concern amongst the community when BioWare announced that there would only be one playable character in Dragon Age II, as opposed to the multiple options you had in Origins.  In this diary, the developers detail why that’s a good thing, and why only having one narrative will make for a better tale.

Check out the video below and be sure to let us know what you think of this new direction they’re taking.

Source: GameSpotYou Tube


  1. Pre-ordered DA2.
    When March comes along it’ll be time to isolate myself until I’ve completed this game.

  2. I agree, it’s a good idea with only one main character. I never got around to play all the billion characters in DA:O, as the difference wasn’t big enough. One character sets up for a more complex story.

  3. Ive pre-ordered DA2. Hopefully Morrigan has a cameo!

    • morrigan is a possibility depending on how you completed witch hunt, flemeth however is deffinately in it and is seen in the two trailers already released

      • yeah ive seen Flemeth!, so Morrigan is possible even for a few mins, would be great

    • screw that, I want Alistair and my character from DA:O

      • Alistair?! No way. More Leliana please!

  4. I want it AAAALLLLLL!!!!!

  5. 1:39 – killing Flemeth??

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