Exclusive Jim Lee DCUO Concept Art

Heroic, yes?

When we were contacted by a representative of Titan Books and asked if we’d like some exclusive images of some concept art from DC Universe Online we didn’t have to think about it. Concept images from one of the first huge releases of 2011, a console (as well as PC) MMO based in our beloved DC Universe? Yes please.


IconsSo here they are, drawn by the legendary comic book artist, Jim Lee – who is my personal favourite comics artist and one of my favourite artists in any genre. The images include concepts for a pumped up version of Doomsday, facial expression reference designs and a re-imagining of Metropolis.

There’s also a 3D capture of the final model for Doomsday modelled by David Russ at SOE.

If you like this concept art, or indeed the final versions that made their way into the game, then you might be interested in the Limited Edition Icons book of Jim Lee’s art from DC and Wildstorm books.

My pre-Christmas hinting seemed to go unnoticed so I think I’ll break out the plastic and order it myself right now…

All images © 2010 DC Comics.



  1. Can wait to get my hands on DCUO tomorrow. Jim Lee has really helped to bring the DC Universe to life in the game.

  2. Really want DCUO, but there’s no point.
    I’m going back to Uni in a week so no online and I don’t want to pay a subscription anyway.

    • You’ve finally got yourself a little red banner, well done Sir.

      • How do you get a red banner?

      • Thank you, I feel as though I’m less of the neglected cousin that comes round now and then and a bigger part of the family – such as that brother that you always have to put up with.
        Not really, they’ve always made me feel like a brother <3.
        And Grey, you have to write over 40 articles for the site and then ask Peter, at least that's what I did ;)

    • I’m with you blair (on the DCUO part at least!) – Considering how much I currently spend on games, I don’t think a subscription model would be good for my health. Not if I want to continue eating anyway!

    • oh, right cheers mynameisblair, wonder if I could nick some articles off LG and pass them off as my own, do you think anyone would notice?

      • They’re probably ours anyway.

  3. I wasn’t planning on getting this to be honest but I played the Beta and remember how much I loved City of Heroes. Then the guys at work told me they were getting it and so my fate was sealed. Once these exams are over, consider this purchased.

  4. I so wish that I could get this for free :( I don’t like games with subscriptions as the TV is shared by whole house and not like I get a look in on it unless the gf is out

  5. Great looking game, Beta was frankly amazing, But unfortunaly due to being a student there’s no way I can afford this.

  6. not for me this game never pay 10 pound a month to keep playing.

    • Same here skibadee but I do want to get this badly lol. Well there’s loads of great AAA titles coming out anyway =D

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