Meet the Folder: AdmiringWorm

Admiring Worm, if I’m honest, it’s the sort of name a male would have, based on the ‘Worm’ part. Let me explain, a worm’s found in the dirt, young boys like to play in dirt, boys like to stick worms up their nose or chase girls with them, who usually, in turn, run around screaming. See.

Anyway, from dirt to solving those dirty mis-folding proteins, if only we could dig them out of all those nice, shiny, loveable, correctly folded proteins. This month we have Kim, born in Norway, currently living in Sweden, and going by the name of ‘AdmiringWorm.’

Having joined way back in March 2010, AdmiringWorms’ been a strong folder ever since, staying in TSA’s top 25 members, munching his way though a total of 420 work units, earning him 109,495 points. Plus, he’s still going, currently he’s still number crunching, and as a result he’s the 5th most active folder.

So here’s Kim trying to convince you to join the fight, we hope it works.


Name: Kim Nordmo
User name: AdmiringWorm
Age: 22
Location: Sweden

Folding Q & A

There are several different reasons why people run Folding@home, be it experience with one of the diseases folding aims to cure, just helping out, or just for community status. But what got you into folding and for TheSixthAxis’ Team?

I had folded for some time before I joined the TSA Team, but since TSA became my main news site and I found the thread about folding I decided to start folding here instead of the dying community I was part of previously.

There are several different platforms that folding@home can be run on (PS3, PC, MAC), what platforms do you use to fold?

I have a PS3 that is set to run when it’s on idle, as well a Windows computer that’s folding whenever I’m awake and not playing games on it.
I also have a Linux computer that’s folding whenever I remember to turn it on, and a crappy school computer I use when it is able to run more than command prompt and notepad at the same time (I’m not kidding either, ever seen the terminal window on a modern computer lag when trying to run ipconfig? well, me neither until I got that computer).

Some people get worried about using the PS3 to fold because they’re worried about their PS3 dying on them. As a guide, how long do you fold on your PS3 for, and in which mode?

I always fold in Advanced mode since when it’s folding I’m not using it at all.
I almost don’t use the PS3 to fold on so I can’t give an estimate of average per day, but it’s usually everything from 6 to 20 hours a month.

The Folding@home software on the PS3 has evolved over the past few years, brining in Music playback and most prominently Life with PlayStation. Is there anything that could be added to improve the experience?
Or is there something that you would like to be removed from Life with PlayStation?

I don’t use most of the stuff that’s on Life with PlayStation since I’m folding in advanced mode, but one thing I miss is the ability to add a Passkey.

There may be some people who might think that their hardware isn’t powerful enough for whichever reason. What Specification are you running folding@home on?

The main computer is a Windows 7 X64 with a AMD Phenom x4 3.2Ghz Processor, 8 GB RAM and a ATI Radeon 4890 GTX 1 GB and it’s running the GPU client.
My secondary computer is a Ubuntu 10.04 X86 with a AMD Atlhon 64 X2 3.2Ghz Processor, 4 GB RAM and a old nVidia 512mb GPU and it’s running the ordinary client.
The school computer isn’t even worth mentioning, and I don’t really know either.

There will be people from the TSA community that will read this who don’t currently fold, is there anything you’d like to say to those members?


And on that note, we’d like to thank Kim for the time taken to answer our questions.

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  1. Nice specs, I would run the gpu client but apparently my card isn’t supported.
    Plus it’s impossible to update drivers manually because my card isn’t even listed on the amd site.
    Weird coincidence?

    • It’s probably just an old card, and they’ve took the driver down from the site, it’ll be on the ‘net somewhere.
      However, in order for you to now run the GPU client, you’ll need a new Graphics Card. Best stick to the CPU client :).

      • They list older cards, and do they class a card released 12 months ago old?

      • Oh :s, maybe an old line?
        What’s the make and model, I’ll see if I can find anything

      • Radeon HD 5670, I use the steam driver update service so i’m fine on that front, it’s just that the client i downloaded said it supported the 5xxx series, so i’m just a bit confused.

  2. um, Sorry to burst the bubble of everyone, but I’m actually a guy from Norway that lives in Sweden

    • Ahaha, what a mistake to make :p

    • Edited. Our humblest apologies!

      • no need to apologies, It’s my mistake for not specify that I was a guy.
        At least it gave me a good laugh when I read it.

    • My bad, if I’m honest I did think “Knowing my luck, and this worlds naming, they’re going to be male”
      Sorry again.

  3. Would you be able to link to the forum on how to join the TSA folding team with each related article? I think that would boost members and help me to find it right about now XD

    • Woop Woop! Found it and also just joined TEAM TSA for folding :)

      • Yay, it’s working! :-)

      • If you use a PC to fold, and it has a multi-core processor you can set Folding to run on one, some or all cores.
        I only found this out a month or two ago. Up to then it was running on only one core, now all four.

      • How do I find out how many cores it is running on.

      • Right-click the task bar, click task manager, then click the performance tab, if it’s running at 100% over all the top sections, it’s running fine.

      • It’s kicking about the 65% level.

      • So how to you get to fold on all cores?

    • 65%’s a random %, what CPU have you got?
      Samiro05, what’s your CPU?

      I’ll do a guide soon so you can see how to set things property for dual (or more) core processors.

  4. I just joined!
    But when I right click the icon and select display, its all black?

    • Go to the log file, if that’s updating then I shouldn’t worry about it.

  5. Great to meet you, AW. Good on you for Folding. Personally, I love being able to help such a fantastic bit of research in such a simple way.

  6. I joined around the same time as you AdmiringWorm but i haven’t half as many work units done so well done – and nice to meet you!

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