DCUO Hits Big In EU, More Servers On Demand

Sony Online Entertainment’s long-awaited superhero MMO finally launched in EU territories on Friday, and according to big boss John Smedley, there has been a surprising uptake:


Adding more servers in the US and the EU. Way more people came to play in the EU than we expected. And we expected a lot!

Whether the additional servers are for the PlayStation 3 or PC version of the game isn’t hinted at. It’s probably both; especially the former, as both of the PS3’s EU servers are classed as having “High” population counts already.

From my personal experience, DC Universe Online is fantastic so far, adding to the PlayStation 3’s diverse catalogue of games. However, as I steadily approach the end game, I can’t help but wonder if SOE will deliver on their promises for updated content each month, something which will ultimately define whether the subscription fee is justified.

Look out for our full written review in the coming weeks. It’s going to be a whopper.

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  1. give it a month once everyones free month is up, things will get qiueter around there servers then!

  2. I was considering getting a subscription but i’m skint right now!

  3. been hearing good things on the EG forum.

  4. I went to pick a copy up from Gamestation on Friday lunchtime and they were sold out. The chap next to ke was asking after a copy as well.

    I was impressed with how popular it seems to have been, until the guy behind the counter told me they’d only received 3 copies…

  5. Wait what? You’ve completed it?

  6. It’s friggin’ awesome. I’m addicted.

  7. I would’ve liked this but the subscription is just too much. Nice to hear it is doing well though, I’m surprised tbh as I thought a lot of people would have found the subscription service too alien.

    • Even though I anticipated the £10 monthly fee, I still felt a little uneasy parting with my cash for DCUO. However, like I mentioned in the news story, the sub should be justified by the supposed monthly updates.

    • Console users are spoilt. You can’t expect devs to shell out new content on a regular basis for years and pay for the servers that host the game worlds by using the money they make from selling copies of their game. That’s just to cover the start up and development costs. It amazes me how many people complain about this whenever TSA posts something about a console MMO.

      • Did I appear to be complaining? Perhaps I should have said it is too much for me. There are too many big games around and I am just too busy to warrant losing £10 from my account every month for something I can’t invest a lot of time in. I certainly didn’t mean to appear spoilt.

      • Kerash, what I meant was that as a mainly console gamer, it felt strange having to pay a sub for a game, as opposed to being a PC MMO vet. I am really enjoying the game, and it pleases me to hear that SOE are beating their expected uptake. However, DCUO is far from being perfect; there are some crippling bugs and stability issues which really impact the PS3 version of the game which need resolving. As for the updated monthly content, it would not be expected if SOE didn’t mention it in the first place as one of the key points of the game ;)

      • Sorry, DrNate. I wasn’t directly talking about you in my reply. It was more a reply to the general mood around monthly subs on a console game. Should have been more clear about that.
        As for the game not being perfect. Welcome to the release of every MMO out there. :) FFXIV is still free on the PC because people are not satisfied with the current state.

  8. A little update for you guys; both Crossfire and For All Seasons are classed as “Full.” I just logged a new character, so they aren’t completely full, however they are expected to be before the morning.

    • For All Seasons has been full all day from what i’ve seen

  9. Rumour has it that even with a physical copy of the game, when running for the first time there’s an 8gb update to download – can anyone verify this?

    • It is a 11Gb install and after that you have got a 2Gb download as a update for the game, and it is all worth it I have been playing nothing else from friday

      • Whoa… no way, I know its worth it but I need a better hard-drive

  10. I’m tooooo poor, I know I’m missing out

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