Watch Shinkawa Draw Snake Live

For art fans out there – especially those who like their Metal Gear of the solid variety – the name Yoji Shinkawa should come as no surprise. Hiroshima-born Shinkawa-san has been working with Konami since 1994, contributing to such iconic titles as the Metal Gear series and Zone of the Enders. All those splashy pictures of Snake that have graced the series over the years? They’re Shinkawa’s.

Check out this quick video of the man in action at a recent live art event in Tokyo. Keep an eye out for Kojima-san in the audience as well as one seriously cool looking Raiden cos-play dude (or dudette – it’s kinda hard to tell).

Thanks OPM


  1. ARTWORK IS SH-ITHOT and the Raiden Head Gear is eyebangingly cool!

    Metal Gear Solid.

    Greatest Game EVER!

    • Had to watch it ‘thrice’ its that cool

      • Did someone watch the latest Conan late night show or was your use of the word thrice unrelated?

      • Nope, no relation at all. Never heard of the show…

  2. Love it!

  3. I think that is a dudette or could be a robot o_0
    Fantastic artwork there Yoji Shinkawa is a talented artist. I would love to buy that canvas and hang it in my living room wall.
    It’s brilliant work.

  4. can’t see it dammit

  5. That is stunning. I wish I had this guys talent, well, I’m not a total heathen, we could share. :)

  6. Vely Nice.. What’s with the Day 1 title?..

    p.s. Looks like a girl in stop frame….

  7. Dude has got skills

  8. That is awesome. i always wanted to draw like that. Its just awesome.

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