First ‘Dead Space iOS’ Gameplay Footage

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the first screenshots for the still nameless ‘Dead Space iOS’ game that’s being developed. While the screenshots were very impressive, we came ready to trump that today.  We now have the first gameplay footage in hand and boy does it look nice.

Unfortunately, looking nice and playing nice are two different things so we’ll still wait to pass judgment.  There’s still no firm release date but based on this video, it appears to be pretty far along in its development cycle.  We’ll be sure to pass along more news as we get it.

Source: YouTube



  1. The controls are going to be a big issue…

    • why’s that? Is it because of the thing shown in the video like “Tap” to whack those things off. Or have the general controls changed.
      (I don’t own dead space 1 so im not too familiar with the controls ect, just wondering because I could potentially buy this)

  2. Looks pretty good. Slower gameplay which is to be expected but its got the jumps and looking like it has some funny achivements.

  3. looking good, but when half the screen is covered by your thumbs and you can’t aim accurately, the fun is spoiled for me.
    so I demand an external joystic from if he wants my money

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