New Samurai Warriors Chronicles Info

One of the many titles to launch alongside the 3DS this Spring is KOEI’s Samurai Warriors Chronicles. Taking the updated roster of characters and battles from last year’s Samurai Warriors 3, it looks to be a fitting debut for the series on Nintendo handhelds. Instead of a direct port, new features including a revamped Story Mode and StreetPass functionality will also be available.

In Story Mode, players will be able to create their own warrior as well as being able to forge their own tale. Trekking through Warring States Japan, you will have to fortify friendships with generals and officers to unlock over 400 unique events. Chronicles will also allow the player to bring four characters into battle, with the ability to switch between them instantly, somewhat akin the system used in Warriors Orochi. Downloadable mission packs will be available after launch, and when on the go you can activate StreetPass to battle other online opponents, unlocking more weapons and items.


Though an EU release date has yet to be confirmed, it’s likely to launch alongside the 3DS on March 25h.

Source: Samurai Warriors Chronicles Official English Website



  1. Im still impressed by the graphical capability. It really wouldnt be off the mark to say the graphics are as good if not better than the Wii but on a handheld.

    Definately intrigued.

  2. I know I’m off topic, but I don’t get why you often chose outdated logos for some companies : Nintendo, Konami, THQ… All have logo that differ from the ones you use to illustrate your articles. I can’t really understand why.

    • As far as I know, the only difference with the current Ninty logo is the colour. The red 1 is still used sometimes though.
      As for the others, maybe TSA are being nostalgic? :P

    • Ummm, yeh… it’s nostalgia…

      In all seriousness, new graphics have been requested, it’s probably just a case of getting around to updating them.

      • Thanks for the answer. I know it doesn’t really matter, but I thought I’d just ask.

  3. The 3ds looks good and i’d really like to try one first to see this 3-d that needs no glasses . Im one of the grumpiest sceptical people out there so i need convincing , I have been proven wrong with Heavy Rain in the past and i hope im proven wrong with this too.

    • The 3D isn’t the 3DS’ biggest selling point, for me at least. The graphics and network features, as well as the roster of games have convinced me to put down money for one.

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