Behind The Scenes With Media Molecule

Ever wonder what the shop-floor of one of the gaming industry’s most creative studios looks like? Wonder no more, as Media Molecule’s Community Manager James Spafford (Spaff to his mates) invites you in to get a look at the birthplace of Sackboy and friends.

That’s not actually 100% true, of course, as LBP-fanatics will know that Media Molecule recently moved offices. Regardless, this is where Sackboy gets his groove on now – and that’s all that matters.

Check out the hard-working M&Ms in their environment. That “Wall of Pets” looks super-awesome.

Source: Media Molecule



  1. Wow! MM, you guys are super!

  2. Makes my job and workplace look totally sh*t. Depressed.

  3. It’d be awesome to work in MM everyday…

  4. I can’t imagine a cooler office. It would be incredible to work there.

  5. Did anyone else see at 4.00 when he moved the Sixthaxis controller the camera in the background, in the game, also moved?

    • He using the Sixaxis gyros via the controlinator.

  6. Cool I didn’t know you could map the controller to the camera like that:)

  7. Lovely stuff. One of the few game studios that I’m constantly fascinated by.

  8. Absolutely lovely. Their joy and passion for what they do actually makes me want to buy their product more than the advertisement videos.

    It makes my job seem like one of those nightmares where you wake up in a cold sweat only to discover you’ve been transported to a place where those nightmares have been realised into a terrifying hellish reality from which you can never escape.

  9. What an amazing office to work in! I’m so jealous. Wonderfully creative team.

  10. Did everyone else notice the case of Coronas in the fridge :D

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