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Rumour: Metal Gear Solid Trilogy HD Coming

According to an industry insider, whispering in the ear of the Official PlayStation Magazine, the recent flurry of remaking past classics in HD is to continue with the first three Metal Gear Solid games set to appear remastered on the PS3.

It’s not the first time we’re heard such rumblings and, on the face of it, it makes perfect sense. The first three Metal Gear Solids, though available on other platforms, are synonymous with the PlayStation brand. With God of War, Prince of Persia, Sly Cooper, Splinter Cell and other franchises (we’d be here all day listing them) all receiving a high-definition spruce up, it seems a no-brainer that Snake and co. would also get a face-lift.

You’d buy it in a heart-beat, right?

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  1. I’m too young to be of the MGS era. Am I missing out, or should I not bother since quite a bit of the greatness in these remakes comes from the nostalgia.

    • even now i still think these games are worthy of playing the full saga, and that is around a decade on, still kicks the shit out of most stories you find it todays games.

    • I hadn’t played any of them until MGS4. People told me I was stupid cos I wouldn’t understand the story. Admittedly it took some concentration, but nearly 3 years on and I’m one big MGS nerd. Best franchise ever. EVER.

    • i would highly recomend picking up MGS1 on psn, completed it my self recently for the first time and its amazing, i ended up buying the 2nd and 3rd game, although my 60gb ps3 died mid way thru the 2nd game and i havnt bothered digging out my ps2 yet, MSG2 upscaled on a 60gb ps3 looks totaly amazing as well.

  2. Could’t we just set up a website taking ‘pre-orders’ for this to show Konami & Sony just how popular this would be forcing the release?

  3. Yes! Price it and I’ll buy it!

  4. Best 3 MGS games in my opinion. The original trilogy, how the series was supposed to be rounded off.

  5. Of all the rumpled today this one makes me warmest in my loins

  6. Rumours* damn you iPhone and damn your prejudice against fat thumbs

  7. Half a heart beat.

  8. Without any doubt ever, as soon as they say they are making this I am there. My only worry is again with the trophies, although it’d be awesome in HD, without trophies it wouldn’t be as good. And judging by the amount of backing for MGS4 trophies and the lack of a patch, I’m not sure if simply voicing our enthusiasm will get this out the door! Worth a go tho….everyone send KP a message!….

  9. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!

  10. Would be good if it happens. From a pretty reliable source as well…

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