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Rumour: Metal Gear Solid Trilogy HD Coming

According to an industry insider, whispering in the ear of the Official PlayStation Magazine, the recent flurry of remaking past classics in HD is to continue with the first three Metal Gear Solid games set to appear remastered on the PS3.

It’s not the first time we’re heard such rumblings and, on the face of it, it makes perfect sense. The first three Metal Gear Solids, though available on other platforms, are synonymous with the PlayStation brand. With God of War, Prince of Persia, Sly Cooper, Splinter Cell and other franchises (we’d be here all day listing them) all receiving a high-definition spruce up, it seems a no-brainer that Snake and co. would also get a face-lift.

You’d buy it in a heart-beat, right?

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  1. They could name their price on this one and I would buy it. Cant see this not happening, its just a license to print money.

    • Totally agree with you. Day one buy for me, no matter the price. Really hoping this is more then a rumor.

    • Totally agree with you. Day one buy for me, no matter the price. Really hoping this is more than a rumor.

  2. O M G !!!

  3. So they would go back and even revamp a PS1 game? Or will this instead include MGS2,3 and an updated (trophy compatible) version of 4. Either way, I think I speak for many when I say I would kill EVERYTHING to get my hands on this.

    • I would say we would get the Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes version of MGS1..The other two wouyld be HD version of their respective title….

      • IF Konami do this, Capcom MUST do Resident Evil 4 HD….

      • Of course. For a moment I almost completely forgot about Twin Snakes.

      • I would pay ANY PRICE for Resident Evil 4 HD.
        Any price.

      • Capcom could release REmake, RE0 and Resi 4 on the PS3, in HD. That would make my day.

    • Also, after releasing the trilogy of MGS 1, 2 & 3, they would patch Metal Gear Sold 4 with trophies to coincide with the release of Metal Gear Solid Rising. Offer the whole 5 games as a Super MGS Pack..
      Well, its an idea

    • Of course they could use the MGS4 engine and camera and textures to redo all three games with that engine which I imagine wouldn’t be hard at all. The textures for environments in MGS2 and 3 exist in MGS4, subsistance already has the fully controllable camera and by the looks of the 3DS version of MGS3 the danger ring from MGS4 is in there also. Virtually all of Shadow Moses was in MGS4, they would just need to create the ones that are missing. I don’t know how time and money consuming it would be to change the camera in MGS2 but It’s very doable from where I’m standing.

      • This is an idea, however the shadow moses in MGS4 was specially designed to look older and more destroyed than in ther first one, and there was many areas that weren’t In the latest edition. MGS2 was designed with the camera it had at the time so it might be harder to play without the new camera. Although MGS3 would probably benefit from the same engine as the fourth one. Just some HD and trophies would be good enough for me :-D

  4. 3 more games to be sh*t at in full glorious HD. I can’t wait.

  5. I cannot think of a single thing I wouldn’t do to make this a reality. Kojima, baby, please…

  6. Above everything else on PLAYSTATION. EVERYTHING. I want this to happen more than anything.

    Followed by a Trophy Patch for MGS4.

    Lets stay positive people! It will happen!!!

  7. Please God…

  8. Yes. Yes I would buy this.
    Next on the list would be Capcoms Resident Evil trilogy from PS1.

    • They just need to release them on the store.

  9. Why are people wanted trophies for MGS4 so much? i dont get it…

    But as for the HD, i say hurry up with it. I still have MGS 3 subsistence (i believe i have MGS2 substance somewhere aswell)

    • Over the past few months I’ve been dipping in and out of Subsistence, trying to complete every difficulty with all the items, which requires two playthroughs each. So gonna do it again if this happens!

  10. Yes please!! :)

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