LBP2: Enhanced Move Pack On The Way

We’ve been hearing about PlayStation Move integration in LittleBigPlanet 2 for a while now, since the original was demoed being played with Move way back at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show. Whilst LBP2 is only shipping with the separate Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves game included, Media Molecule is working away on Move functionality for the main game.

Asked in an IGN Q-and-A session how Move will be added into the game in future updates, the company revealed that they are working on integrating motion controls into the Play, Create and Share modes of the game:


The exciting thing to do with Move is, we’re working on a play-create-share pack. We’re still in the R&D phase and working out what the features will be, but it will be announced in a little while and we’re really excited. In the same was as in LBP2, you have the Controlinator and you can remap the controls, you’ll be able to do the same thing with Move. It’ll also allow the community to make their own Move games and that’s very cool.

The Controlinator is a new feature in LBP2 that allows direct gamepad control over on-screen events – rather than having to physically move Sackboy and have him activate controls in the level – and it looks like we’ll be seeing Move controls added to the potential inputs. This would make Move-optional player-created levels possible, and based on what’s been acheived both in the beta and the final game so far, giving the community even more creative tools is a very exciting prospect indeed.

Source: IGN.



  1. That sounds awesome. I thought we were just gonna get something similar to the Move activated material that was used in Prehistoric Moves.

  2. A move controlinator!!! Now that is pretty powerful tool. Cant wait to see what some of the dedicated creators can make with move implementation.

  3. They said they were also integrating Mouse & Keyboard controls – but they’ve been pushed back and will be patched in.
    That’s all I want, a mouse for creation would be fantastic. Move would be the last thing I want to use to create, but creating a Move game inside LBP would be nice!

    • I would think that Move would be better than mouse. Don’t get me wrong I love the mouse and keyboard but being able to actually point to where you want objects to go would be fantastic.

      • Yeah, but how accurate will the move be though? since creating sophisticated levels in lbp can have lots of small, fiddly parts in it.

      • The Move is very accurate indeed for a motion-sensing device. Have you played the excellent Tumble?

    • That’s a good point, making the levels with the Move wouldn’t really be very useful because you need a steady hand.

      But I think the main point of what he is saying is that you can create your own games with your own control schemes on the Move controller. You could still create the level with the Sixaxis (Or keyboard and mouse if that does get patched in) but you can make it so the level can be played with the Move controller with the control scheme you created.

      Which is fantastic

      • Not necessarily. Tumble, which came out the same week as Move I believe, is a perfect example of how strong and precise a device Move can be with the right kind of game and controls. A must-buy if you are a Move buyer.

  4. Hmm haven’t discovered the “crate” mode yet, where is it? :p

    • It’s not immediately obvious, but if it’s anything like LittleBigPlanet 1, you have to play a few story levels before create mode is unlocked.

      If you already own LBP1, LBP2 recognises this so you have access to create mode straight away.

      … well, that’s what I heard.

      • He was referring to my typo. I mean, what typo?! (thanks, Voganlight ;))

  5. More Move games for free!

  6. I’m really looking forward to see what creative ways Media Molecule use Move in LBP2.

  7. Excellent, i was hoping they would include something like that so it’s great to hear it’s in the works!

  8. I was gutted to find that Prehistoric Moves was included with the full game, after having spent £7.50 on it two weeks before.
    This kinda makes up for it, though.

    • Me too never realised it was going to be on the disk.

      • They made it pretty clear when SPM was announced that it would be included on the disk.

      • Tut tut, should have got it Free from Plus.

    • £7.50….,


      • Well, as I’m sick and unemployed I’m on a pretty strict budget games wise. New games in Norway cost £50-60, so I could have used that money for something that I now have to pass up on.

        Wouldn’t pay for Plus, as I can’t afford to pay for content I seldom have any interest in.

        Of course I’m aware that it’s probably been mentioned that it would be included, but I don’t always read everything about a game, and the screenshots + the premise of LBP+Move propelled me into an instant buy when it showed up on the PSN store.
        TSA didn’t mention anything other than it being a completely stand alone game on the original reveal article.

        This wasn’t meant as a big moan from me though, hope I didn’t upset anyone.

  9. Amazing news. I have no doubt the creators around the lbp community are going to do some amazing things with a move controlinator!

  10. Anyone have any idea what the ETA is on this?

    • Nothing yet. I’d expect two or three months maybe.

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