DC Universe Online PS3/PC Split Almost Even

Tweeting over the last few days, Sony Online Entertainment’s John Smedley has revealed that DC Universe Online is the company’s fastest selling title to date. Some of you who may have tried to pick up a copy of the superhero MMO can probably attest to this, as the game has sold-out in many regions. Smedley has promised to save the day, stating over the weekend:


Working on out-of-stock problems for DCUO. It’s our fastest selling game ever. Should have more inventory in Monday.

Interestingly, when it comes to the actual sales figures across both platforms, 52% of all sales of the game have been on the PS3. It’s official: console owners do want MMOs and are willing to vote with their wallets/purses accordingly.

Source: Twitter



  1. Let’s see how many actually stay when the free month is over.

    • I dunno, you’ve already paid for the game, I’m not sure people would be willing to pay £30 to rent the game for a month…

      • But that’s the typical MMO subscription model.

        There is one way of looking at DCUO that I’m not sure some people have considered.

        How long do people play games after owning them for 30 days? Obviously some of us do, but I’d wager a lot of people buy a game, play it exhaustively the first month, and then never play it again.

        It does go against the ethos of an MMO – playing only for 30 days and then leaving – but you could argue that *some* people could buy the game and get their money’s worth just playing with the subscription time that comes with it.

      • That’s true. But from what I’ve heard, you can finish it in a couple weeks, even though it’s a MMO

      • Yep – though new Alerts will be constantly added. That’s what your monthly fee is paying for. New content.

      • Yes, but not all people like grouping. in my opinion there should be more levels and areas.

      • It took me six days to hit the level cap, but there is still a lot for me to do.

        I don’t mind paying the £10 sub, though to make sure I have time to play other games, I will take the occasional month off here and there.

    • I have already Canceled my Sub, because of the following
      1. it normally takes me 20 minutes of loading and que to get into a server..
      2. I have no idea what is going on and the game/manuel does a piss poor job art explaining it
      3. It feels like I am just mashing buttons..
      4. trying to get into PVP legends arena took me nearly an hour the other night then it hard froze after 20 minutes in the arena (only 5min left to finish and I think the other team bailed..) had to restart
      5. voice chat doesnt work
      6. txt chat is slow and I hate it
      7. $15 a month for a BROKEN GAME

      All in all I have spent WAY more time Loading, downloading, waiting for people, or in que, than actually PLAYING the game.. I would say Waittime/playtime is around 80%/20%.. The amount of glitches for a game that will cost me $200+ in the first year is completely unacceptable.. This was my first and last MMO..

      For those that are having fun w/this game please disregard my post and enjoy..

  2. funny you say that! i’m less than a week into may sub and turns out theres an issue with disconnections, as in it no longer lets me log in as my level 21 (a weeks worth of play!) you can still enter the same server you just need to create a new character to play again. whats the point!! i phone ps3 helpline they gave me SOE helpline they said sorry but don’t do uk ps3 help at the moment.
    Joy of joys!!!
    anyone else had this?!

    • Funny, i have spent quite some night time with SOE support and they have always been helpful. Guess they need to accustom themselves to the new game and environment; seriously i think the best thing about SOE is (not the games but) their support.

    • Most of the time it was due to i was unable to log in as well.

  3. Review is nearly finished folks, so keep an eye out!

  4. if paying the sub is getting you more new content, how long would you be waiting for said content?

    would it be the case that you have payed for your months sub and there’s no new content and the following month something new pops up, and you have to renew your monthly sub to get it, but the previous month you payed for was for nothing new?

    seems to me you would be wasting money on waiting for new content, unless your getting new content every week.

  5. In yo face Pachter! [Paraphrase – “MMOs will only ever work on consoles if Blizzard do it and they ain’t”]……perhaps a bit premature, but still, BOOM Pachter!

  6. Nice to hear, more MMO welcome

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