‘Dead Space 2: Severed’ Announced

EA has announced that ‘Dead Space 2: Severed’ will be hitting both PSN and LIVE. Described as an “all-new digital download pack”, it sees the main protagonists from ‘Dead Space: Extraction’, Gabe and Lexine, return in “two standalone chapters”.


The story will run in parallel with Issac Clarke’s shenanigans, and you will take control of Gabe, who is trying to get himself and Lexine off ‘The Sprawl’. No price or date has been confirmed yet.

TSA’s review of Dead Space 2 will be live at 5pm this afternoon. Be there, or we’ll hack your limbs off.*

*Just kidding



  1. Wow. They love their tie-ins dont they. A graphic novel, book, iDevice game and animated movie arent enough to go with Dead Space 2?!

  2. DLC announced already! Madness.
    I’m sure it will be decent though, Visceral are pro.

  3. I presume they would have mentioned Move compatibility if there was some…

    • I think it’s just Extraction that gets Move support. That’s what the TV ad seems to suggest.

  4. They’re down one man. What happened to the third man?

  5. Looking forward to the review!

    • me too! hope its as great as the first one.

  6. Wait, is this DLC for Dead Space 2 or Dead Space: Extraction. As much as I liked the latter, I would prefer playing as Gabe and Lex in third person.

    • Just the way that reads it sounds like its going to be for extraction. Just reskinning Isaac as Gabe or Lexine seems a bit odd to me, although it would be pretty cool. I have the DS2 with extraction on preorder so will be interested either way.

    • Well they say its for xbox live as well so this is not extraction dlc. Extraction is not on 360 as far as I know.

      • ok, missed that bit. Oops. Would make it tricky to be for Extraction then, unless theres an announcement for 360 owners to get some on rails action still to come….

  7. I love Dead Space. I can’t wait to play it and have had it preordered for ages. However, I am in New York this weekend so have to wait a little while longer!!!!

  8. Crackalacking!

  9. wow so many mini game stuff! must be busy

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