‘Dead Space 2: Severed’ Screens

Dead Space: Severed, the first expansion to Dead Space 2 has hit the web this week and we’ve got a few screenshots to celebrate its release. In severed you take the role of Gabe Weller from Dead Space Extraction as he attempts to secure the safe passage of his girlfriend. It looks like it’s just more of what we had in Dead Space 2 (not a bad thing) but with a different story that lasts for two chapters. Have a look and let us know if you’re planning on picking this up. If you’re the type that prefers moving pictures, you can check out a trailer for Severed here.



  1. cant wait to get home and try this out… hope they survive the necromorphes in Sprawl…=)
    but my friend said that the ending was sad…=( but hoping for a good time with dead spaces first DLC…

  2. I bought dead space 2 more than a week ago and haven’t touched it yet, only got insanity difficulty suicide mission left on mass effect 2 for the platinum and I refuse to play anything else (except gt5) until its done. Once I’ve got that plat though, I’m deleting me2 off my hdd and moving on to this, and if I enjoy the game enough will pick up this dlc. Does anyone know if it has its own trophy list?

    • OT but… have you got everyone loyal for the last mission? im contemplating doing a quick run through with as little missions as possible…

    • “Does anyone know if it has its own trophy list” It comes with an additional 7 or so trophies (I noticed when my DS2 trophy completion plummetted 12% lol), with the only tricky one being completing the dlc on zealot difficulty. I foolishly traded my copy of DS2 in last week for MvC3, but I may have to pick this up again at a later date and play through the dlc as it looks good.

  3. Nice to see some SP DLC being released for games.

    • Agreed :)
      Still not got round to playing DS2 properly, I got sidetracked by Majin and (of all things) Eyepet lol

  4. I still need to beat Dead Space 2. Haven’t played it since launch!

  5. Single player DLC!! Really nice to see. Will be picking this up.

    • Agreed, I was worried EA were only going to bother with new multiplayer maps, etc so this came as a pleasent suprise

  6. That new security suit looks wicked.

  7. Will definitely buy this soon, its good that they have gave us some single player dlc, hope we see more.

  8. Played this through last night. Was good.

    Lasted about an hour and a half on normal difficulty.

  9. Once I have completed Extraction, this is bought [and I dont rea;;y do buying seperate levels but Dead Space is just awesome]

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