Dragon Age II rated ’18′ By BBFC

An ’18’ rating has been handed down by the British Board of Film Classification for Dragon Age II, and in doing so, they also gave us a tiny nugget of new info about the game. According to their review, there is one hour and forty-three minutes worth of cut scenes in the game.  The BBFC quoted Dragon Age II as having “strong bloody violence” but there were no cuts that had to be made.

Source: CVG


  1. I knew it was going to be 18 anyway. Why does march seem ages away?:( i want this now

  2. “strong bloody violence” i wouldn’t expect anything less from dragon age and bioware.

    • they could at least through in some suggestive sceens

  3. its bloody alright! cant wait for march!

  4. Never got into the first one so I’ll wait a while on this or rent it and keep the save file if I like it.

  5. Please, god. No hilarious sex scenes like last time!

  6. Saw this coming. Would have been suprised if there wasnt lots of blood and killing in a Dragon Age game!!

  7. considering that every trailer seems to feature more blood than an evil dead movie marathon, this is not a surprise.

    what the hell? my browser’s spell checker doesn’t recognise the word movie. that’s shocking. o_O

  8. Thought this was guaranteed as the first 1 was 18.

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