Trade Channel Added To DC Universe Online

Players who have been hoarding their spoils of war will be able to barter via the newly established trade chat channel as of today. When typing a message be sure to enter “/trade” so other buyers and traders will be able to pick you out. It’s a common function in most MMOs, and for those who have been sitting on piles of precious loot (ahem) it foreshadows the emergence of Brokers. These act as auction houses, and though they are visible in The Watchtower and Hall of Doom, they still aren’t functional.


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  1. so you can advertise your surplus gear, but can’t sell it yet? o_O

    • You can do trades, its just the brokers which you leave stuff with and then return for your money when sold are not working yet, you can meet people and trade with them.

    • Basically, you have to type in “I HAS LV.30 STAFF LOLZ, ANY1 WTB?” and hopefully someone will buy your gear, but unlike the Brokers, you actually have to go and meet up with your buyer/seller. It takes time, but until the Brokers go live, it’s all we have in the way of player-player trading.

      • And how much would you be selling that STAFF for??!!

  2. Question: Why would a super-villain ever need to trade to get money? They would just rob a bank.

    • But if you were to rob say…a jewlery store, Then you would need to fence your stolen goods.

  3. am i one of the only ones that think this will be crap, along with WoW and most other MMO’s.. The only good MMO game i havwe played and still play, is Dofus, turn based fighting style, better lvling system, full of funny little things, such as a class called Eniripsa, is aspirine backwards, and that class is packed with healing spells etc. Much better MMO than ALL the rest.

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