New PS3 Firmware Prevents HDD Upgrade?

We’ve been tipped off that there might be a small issue with the latest PlayStation 3 firmware, 3.56, which was pushed out to consoles yesterday. A number of users over on the EU community forums have signalled that the latest firmware has prevented them from changing the hard disk in their beloved black beast.

According to a user named Zero86-Sk, who cites NeoGaf and the High Def Forum as his source, the following model numbers are suffering from the issue:

  • CECH-20..A
  • CECH-20..B
  • CECH-21..A
  • CECH-21..B
  • CECH-250.A
  • CECH-250.B
  • CECH-250.A
  • CECH-250.B
  • CECH-251.A
  • CECH-251.B

That’s all of the slimmer model units and many of the newer “phat” machines. Apparently, this is a recurrence of an issue that was first seen with an older firmware update which Sony were later able to fix so hopefully it won’t take them long to push out a quick fix for this one either. In the meantime, it might be best to leave that hdd upgrade until you hear more news.

Thanks, Jay



  1. I’m currently looking to upgrade my 160Gb phat but this will probably be fixed by the time i’ve bought a new hdd.
    Here comes yet another firmware patch… *sigh*

  2. I’ve never felt the need to upgrade my hard drive, I managed with 60GB in the beginning and sure it was a bit of a pain with Play TV n’ all but I shuffled things around so it worked, now I’ve got a 250GB and I’m fine, got about 50GB left but I can delete reems of stuff whenever I next get the chance.

  3. If the internet minds are right 3.56 installed spyware to check the hdd files. If this is true, Sony probably removed this feature so hacked consoles can’t switch HDDs and remove the spyware, then just reinstall 3.56 and be able to pass the supposedly apocalyptic 3.57fw ban.

    • BTW just used the Pinned feature, brilliant addition.

      • What is the “pinned” feature? Never looked at anything last night since I thought it was security only.

      • Its a friday, im slow today. Just realised what you meant :S

  4. Has to be a screw up. It’s in Sony’s interest that people can upgrade their hard disk. More hard disk space mean more room for downloadable content = mo’ money.

  5. I already got a 360Gb Slim around October 2010

  6. glad I have an original 60gb launch console :) (which has a 320gb hdd inside)

  7. looks like 3.57 is on its way..

  8. oh god :|

  9. Glad I just upgraded my hard drive before this.

  10. Good use of the phrase beloved black beast ;)

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