New PS3 Firmware Prevents HDD Upgrade?

We’ve been tipped off that there might be a small issue with the latest PlayStation 3 firmware, 3.56, which was pushed out to consoles yesterday. A number of users over on the EU community forums have signalled that the latest firmware has prevented them from changing the hard disk in their beloved black beast.

According to a user named Zero86-Sk, who cites NeoGaf and the High Def Forum as his source, the following model numbers are suffering from the issue:

  • CECH-20..A
  • CECH-20..B
  • CECH-21..A
  • CECH-21..B
  • CECH-250.A
  • CECH-250.B
  • CECH-250.A
  • CECH-250.B
  • CECH-251.A
  • CECH-251.B

That’s all of the slimmer model units and many of the newer “phat” machines. Apparently, this is a recurrence of an issue that was first seen with an older firmware update which Sony were later able to fix so hopefully it won’t take them long to push out a quick fix for this one either. In the meantime, it might be best to leave that hdd upgrade until you hear more news.

Thanks, Jay



  1. uncanny, was hoping to upgrade from 250 to 500gb in the next month or so

  2. Had anybody attempted (& failed) to back up since the new firmware?
    I’ve tried twice to no avail… Makes me wonder if this may be due to 3.56

    • Before I swapped harddrive and bricked my ps3 I made a successful (phew) backup with 3.56.

  3. “small issue”. I have a black brick in my living room and two unhappy kids that blames dad. But hey, it’s 320 gb free in the black brick. That’s nice!

    • Its a small issue _now_, for people that know about and then delay their HDD upgrades. I don’t think anyone is seriously saying it’s a small issue for those that found out the hard way.

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