Plants Vs Zombies Heading to PSN

Jeff Green, PopCap’s Director of Editorial and Social Media, has announced on Twitter that the fantastic ‘Plants Vs Zombies’ will be making its way to the PSN:

“Good morning, Twitter. I am here to tell you that Plants Vs Zombies is coming to PSN. Soon. Only the zombies (and Sony) (and us) know when.”

When asked if that was PS3 and PSP, or just the PS3 he had the following to say:


“ya know, I do not know the answer to this! I will find out!”

For those who don’t know, Plants Vs Zombies is a tower defence game where you use a variety of plants to repel zombie invaders. No I haven’t been hit on the head, that’s the actual game. It’s darn good fun, and we can’t wait to see it on Sony’s black box.

Source: Twitter



  1. Wonder if this will follow the road that Angry Birds travelled and become a minis?
    Even so, I already had Angry Birds on Android but I haven’t played this and would probably give it a go whatever format it turned up in.

  2. Adored this little gem on the iphone and unfortunately missed the boat on the xbox so I’ll definitely be picking this up!

  3. This type of game i think works best on iPhone and PC as it’s a cinch to plop your plants with eas! Now if this has extra content then i might be forced to buy this yet again haha!!

    Probably the only game i have been addicted too since BF2!

  4. Tower defense is fairly popular on the PS3, so this should fit right in.

  5. Sweet! There is already an XBLA version of this isn’t there? So I would expect this to be a full PSN game instead of a mini.

  6. Nice. Still waiting on a possible Game Centre update for the iOS version. Anyone know if one is coming?

    • The Game Center update has already happened. At least it has on iPad :o)

      • So it has! I gave up checking a while back. So that’s now Plants vs Zombies and Dead Space.

      • Bugger. I missed that. Was waiting ages for one, and gave up in the end.

  7. Played a lot of this when it was new on PC, I’m thinking the zombies has to bring a handful of new features with them to make me buy it for PS3 and play it again… Personally I think it’s time for a sequel.

  8. Things really are looking up for Sony now.

  9. Anyone who loves PvZ needs to check this out:

    Should have won the prize for most cutest thing in 2010 ever. If there were such a prize.

  10. Move Support?? If it did thay would be officially awesome.

    • not too sure about move support but it definately has trophy support and should be here pretty soon as someone on my facebook has been collecting trophies for it.

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