New ‘Ni No Kuni’ PS3 Footage

Level-5 CEO, Akihiro Hino, has appeared on Japanese TV show ‘Top Runner’, showing off some new footage of Ni no Kuni on the PS3. Apparently the game is quite far along in development, and Level-5 is trying to see how many additional features they can fit in that weren’t in the DS game. Speaking of the DS game, it is approaching sales of 500,000 units in Japan which is very good news indeed.

Hino says that with the PS3 version of the game he wants to let players experience the feeling of being in a Studio Ghibli movie. By the looks of things he has succeeded. 

Source: Andriasang



  1. Phwooooar! :oD I hope this gets released over here.

  2. Does look really cool. No idea what it is though…

  3. Would be silly if not international so I have high hopes

  4. I’m as excited by this as I am underwhelmed by the forthcoming Final Fantasy games. I’m sure it will be released outside Japan, it’s just a question of how long localisation takes. Probably at least 12 months *sigh*

    • Tip: Watch out for the Chinese version, they’re generally region free and often have English language tracks or at least English subs. I got Lost Odyssey 2 or 3 months before it came out in the UK through importing, it had full English VO, a much nicer box and worked out quite a bit cheaper (though the pound was stronger back then).

  5. I want…… :(

  6. I think this might very well be my most anticipated game for 2011. Looks fantastic!

    Does anyone now just a tiny bit of japanese? If so, do they reveal anything interesting in the interview?

    • I speak Japanese.

      Not much else than what is mentioned in the Andriasang piece to be honest. The girl says “Monosuguoi!” (Awesome!) over and over (listen to about 1:00 to 1:07). And Hino-san only sleeps about three hours a day.

      He goes into how long they spent getting the animation just right, from watching other Ghibli movies, etc.

      She was quite surprised about the first person mode. The ability to change camera angles is still under discussion.

      He says his aspiration is that the game is literally as good as a Ghibli movie.

  7. She does indeed look gorgeous… Cannot wait to play this game, it will by the looks of it be nothing short of an amazing experience..

  8. Not sure it’s for me but I remember TSA posting about this last year. It looked awesome then and it looks awesome now. Outstanding work and I truly hope Japan wet themselves when it’s launched as it really does appear to be Japanese animation come alive.

  9. Haven’t played an RPG for a couple of years but really looking forward to this, love the style, a bit like wind waker. Of course its going to get an EU release, it has to!

  10. Monosugoi! Been looking forward to this for quite some time, I’ll be devastated if it doesn’t receive a release over here …

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