DCUO To Get February Content Update

Despite being a spectacular game, something which concerned a lot of DCUO players was the slight lack of content and uncertainty of what awaits them in the future. Sony Online Entertainment have recently come forward to put everyone’s minds at rest with a generous helping of free content making its way to the game “mid to late February.”


Players who have hit level 30 can expect an all-new episode, which climaxes in a fight with Catwoman after she unleashes a wave of ancient magic originating from an artefact within the Gotham Museum. It’s not certain whether the mission will be structured for multiple players, though it’s likely due to the fact there is a chain of five bosses to fight through and a horde of high-end loot to obtain, including the “Mayan” and “Cat Burglar” armour sets.

Seasonal events are a staple of MMOs, and it looks as though DCUO is following suit with its very own twisted take on Valentine’s day. Not only will players be able to face off against the scornful Goddess of love, Aphrodite, but they will also have the chance to suit up as cherubs and imbue bypassers and citizens with the power of love. Any of these activities, including the 100-man PvP battles scattered across the game world, will unlock hearts which can then be spent on a variety of items, including a jester outfit.

Up until now, the only open PvP event available is the Ring War in Metropolis. However, this newest update will include another battleground, though this time it is staged in Gotham. Other additions to the game includes a new Duo based on one of Bane’s missions, a new Raid set in the Batcave, and most importantly, Brokers! Finally, players will be able to barter goods without having to literally fly half way around the world.

Source: IGN



  1. another good dose of dlc, im impressed.
    miss this game since beta, miss it that much that ive decided to purchase full game.
    was undecided about (fair) monthly charge, but ill just have a month here and there.

    • I’m looking forward to this content too. Levelling up my Ice/Two-Handed/Lex character to tackle the new Episode.

  2. I’d rather they fixed the outstanding issues than added new content at this point, at present I’m giving up because the event queueing times are making it impossible for me to progress.

    • What stage are you at in the game? If the waiting times for end game content is getting you down (Raids, Duos) then it may be worth joining a League or specialised forum to get some groups going.

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