Tales of Graces f Coming to North America

Tales of fans, rejoice! After a series of painful teases, Namco Bandai Games has finally revealed that they are bringing Tales of Graces f to North America. The announcement was made by Namco’s Community Manager, Rich Bantegui, via twitter.

Details are pretty much nonexistent at this point, but it’s great to know that the game is actually being localized. For those unaware, Tales of Graces f is a PS3 port of Tales of Graces, a game originally released for the Nintendo Wii in 2009. The PS3 version, which was released in Japan in 2010,  features additional content and enhanced graphics.


Unfortunately, there was no mention of a European release. We’ll keep you updated once more information becomes available.

Source: Namco Bandai Games via Filthierich




  2. Ok, i am starting a campaign right here right now! We demand here in Europe whatever US gets better (super collector’s edtions of games, games there earlier, more PS+ content) and we, as a western entity whatever Japan gets in a logical amount of time (eg 3 months). HOW HARD can it be to translate a game ?

    • from japanese? harder than you think. As everything japanese transfers over to phrases like “Happy-fun-death-time-monster-princess-dancer-robot-gun-guy” ¦)

  3. Well if there isn’t any release for the EU, I guess this is going on my import list.

  4. Not releasing the Wii version? Kind of a dick move, and perhaps a tad short sighted, but then, that’s Namco for you.

    No explanation for why the Vesperia logo was in that teaser image yet I notice.

    • filthierich says it wasn’t there. O_o it clearly was though…

  5. Where’s my Vesperia!?!?

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