DCUO Subscription Plan On Sale Next Week

Sony Online Entertainment will be reducing the price of DC Universe Online’s 3-month subscription fee to $29.99 on February 8th. The original price for a 3-month plan in North America is $41.99, so this is indeed quite a deal. SOE will even allow you to retain this special rate for as long as you stay subscribed to the service.


The DC Universe Online Legend Plan will be available starting next week and ends on March 1st. You’ll want to take advantage of this offer if you intend on sticking with DCUO past the 30-day trial included with the game. Just make sure you actually select the Legend Plan or else you won’t get the discounted price.

Unfortunately, SOE did not announce a similar rate for Europe as of yet. We’ll keep you updated if we learn anything new.

Source: Official DC Universe Online Website



  1. Surprised by this. From what I’ve heard sales and subscriptions are doing well. Maybe they’re looking to entice even more.

  2. I would be slightly peeved at this sudden price drop I had already subscribed but I guess that’s the chance you take.

    • From what I understand, everyone is still doing their free trial. I don’t imagine that SOE has billed anyone yet. I personally haven’t purchased a new subscription yet, so I’m not exactly sure how that process works. I assume that you can make changes before billing starts.

      • Didn’t actually know you had 1 month free but thinking about it,it does make sense, which begs the answer why drop the price so soon when you haven’t actually had to pay up for the cost yet.

  3. Well that didn’t taken long

    • That didn’t take long for what? As others have said, no-one is yet having to renew as the free month is still running for all, so it’s not as if Sony have seen falling numbers and are scrambling to recoup as much as possible.

      • He means it didn’t take long for them to reduce the price, you’ve just added further confirmation, people haven’t even started paying yet and they’ve reduced it. I reckon their research had revealed the price is more than people are willing to pay so they’ve reduced the price accordingly.

      • Or they are simply looking to lock in as many customers as possible, especially given that the lifetime sub isn’t available due to PSN funding issues and this has led to a slew of complaints.

      • Thanks Tony.

        Yes Lycangav you have just confirmed it even more.

        They are reducing the price of the subscription yet they have technically no customers who have bought and used the monthly subscription yet due to the free month,

  4. the sony mantra, “no plans for europe”

    • its like we’re second class citizens -.-‘

  5. Ps4 is to be released in 2014, “no plans for europe” lol, imagine that

  6. already? seems abit weird but thats cool.

  7. i dont get what people see in subscription based games, maybe if the disk was free to start with it may seem more “worth it”

    it just seems like its for people with too much time and money on their hands, if im wrong then correct me as to why these types of games arnt a rip off

  8. As much as I love DC Universe Online, I’ve vowed to only subscribe every other month. I just have too many games on my plate.

  9. once this reaches eu, im in.
    Looking forward to creating some good characters.
    In the beta i had some wicked ones, the bulk, she bulk, lara croft, sub-zero, flame.
    I wont be lucky enough with names like that now. After trial & err, I should be able to get some half decent names decent, i hope.

  10. if this comes to EU, its a definite pick up for me. Just need to work the subscription cost into my EMA monitary amount somehow….

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