BFBC2 360 Maintenance Work Tomorrow

Just a quick note to let you all know that the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be undergoing maintenance at the following time:

  • 23:00 PM PST Monday – 06:00 AM PST  
  • 07:00 AM GMT Tuesday – 14:00 PM GMT
  • 08:00 AM CET Tuesday – 15:00 PM CET 

A post on Battlefield blog read as follows:


“This is the second phase of the stats database rebuild – this phase is done separately for BFBC2 Xbox 360. We are measuring performance both before and after this operation. We expect that there will be some minor stats issues right after the downtime when all the players are getting back online at the same time; this effect will diminish over the following 2 hours.”

Keep calm and nobody panic or else we will release Tuffcub into the wild to sort you all out.

Source: Battlefield Blog



  1. Good thing this will be fixed, although this only adresses the Xbox issues

    • Yeah, what about us poor ps3 users that have lost access to our defibrillators due to missing stats? eh? EH?
      Hopefully similar works are planned on PS3 once they get done with Xbox?

      • As far as I was aware the PS3 maintenance was last week?

      • I’m with you on that one, still lose my guns occasionally, but I’m glad it isnt as bad as it was before.

      • the PS3 maintenance was last week.. works like a charm for me now 8)

      • The maintenance must hve been around the time i unlocked the defibrillator then, as i had to unlock it all over again on saturday!
        Hopefully all will be well from now on then!

  2. bfbc2 ps3 stats still don’t work properly. DICE and EA need to sort it asap. although it wont matter for too long, I will be on KZ3 very soon.

  3. Noooo not Tuffcub! I’m sorry for panicking a little! *shakes with fear*

  4. ARGH!!!! TUFFCUB!!!!!!!!!


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