DCUO Subscription Sale Hits The EU

Holy price battering, Batman! 90 day subscriptions to the fantastic MMO ‘DC Universe Online’ will go on sale as of midday today (GMT) and last until midnight on March 1st. If you take up the offer in this time period then you get to keep that rate for as long as you are actively subscribed.

The new prices are as follows:

    Previous Price Promotional Price
Australia AUD 54.95 39.95
Austria 34.99 24.99
Belgium 34.99 24.99
Croatia HRK 274.99 199.99
Czech CZK 879.00 649.00
Denmark DKK 289.00 225.00
Finland EURO 34.95 24.95
France 34.99 24.99
Germany 34.99 24.99
Greece 34.99 24.99
Ireland 34.99 24.99
Italy 34.99 24.99
Luxembourg 34.99 24.99
Netherlands 34.99 24.99
New Zealand NZD 64.90 49.95
Norway NOK 299.00 225.00
Poland PLN 119.00 89.00
Portugal 34.99 24.99
Saudi Arabia USD 34.99 24.99
South Africa ZAR 349.00 249.00
Spain 34.99 24.99
Sweden SEK 349.00 249.00
Switzerland CHF 54.95 39.95
UK GBP 27.99 19.99

We rated DCUO very highly in our review, although many of you said you wouldn’t take the plunge at the launch price structure. Well now the game can be found for as little as £14, and under £7 a month subscription if you take a 90 day plan – that’s got to be worth a shot, surely?

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Oddly the 3 and 6 month subscriptions have been missing from the EU store for a while. The header is there, but when you click it it says “no content was found”.
    Hopefully this price drop will appear in today’s store update so should be fixed then…

    • On topic, though, I’ve already cancelled my recurring 30 day subscription ready forwhen my trial ends, and will snap up this cheaper version instead…

    • Hmmm. Suggestion from other users on the EU Blog is that the subs are missing if you are already subscribed, to you can’t accidentally sign up for another subscription at the same time. Guess I’ll find out for definite when my 30 day is up.

  2. Think I am gonna give this a shot – would have been sold sooner if it was Marvel though :-)

    • I’ve seen seeral Hulks walking around (I made one myself!) and a near-perfect Spider-Man too ;)

      • Same here, there are plenty of Marvel-inspired characters in DCUO.

      • Cheers for that!

        Spiderman has tipped me over the edge – will pick it up next time I see it.

    • same … a Marvel would be day one buy for me

  3. How would it work if you bought the game now, and the 3 month plan? Would your free month carry over for afterwards?

    • If you purchased the game now, you would have 30 days of free play. However, if you went into the store and purchased the 90 days sub, that means you will have 120 days of play. It all adds up.

      • Thats good to know, one last question! If you buy it second hand, do you get the 1 month free?

      • I lied, 2 more questions! Where can you get it for near £14? Amazon etc all still sell for 25-30.

      • I found it for £12.85 at The Hut but its sold out, which is a shame as I was interested as well at that price. Next cheapest though is ShopTo at £29.86.

  4. I’m marginally more tempted to have a go now, but I stil don’t think I’d be able to invest enough time to get my money’s worth.

    I wonder how much the subscriptions have made.

  5. Loving new price plan

  6. Elliot Linger (European Product Manager) has just confirmed on the EU Blog that you *cannot* sign up for the Legendary Pricing offer whils your current subscription is still in progress (that is why the store items are missing for me). You need to manually cancel it, then come back to the store on the day it runs out to buy the 90 day sub.

    “Apologies, Shoji-Jo is correct – if you have a subscription in progress you cannot purchase the other subscription plans on the Store. This is to help prevent people accidently buying multiple subscriptions.

    So if you bought DCUO today, and didn’t redeem the 30 day code, you could lock into the 90 day offer (then redeem your 30 days after).

    Hope that helps!”

  7. When we on for a TSA meet on this game?

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