A Closer Look At The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter

I’m not traditionally the type to get in to gimmicky accessories and peripherals but even I have to admit that I’m impressed by the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter. The first time I laid eyes on it, I immediately thought of it as something I would never use but the more I see of it, the more it changes my mind.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, they take a closer look at the Sharp Shooter attachment and how it works, specifically with Killzone 3 and Socom 4. I absolutely love that every single function you would see on a standard controller is available on the Sharp Shooter. I’m also loving that the navigation controller snaps right in place and gives you 100% control of your character’s movement – something you don’t traditionally see with light guns.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.

Source: US PlayStation Blog


  1. The sharpshooter looks wicked! love the reload button where the magazine should be.

  2. Personally, I don’t think I can even use it. When the Nav unit and Move are combined into a single gun peripheral I have a stupidly difficult time aiming while moving. My brain just doesn’t work for some reason. I haven’t used the Sharp Shooter yet, but I have used similar peripherals (that weren’t as well made).

    When the Nav and Move are not locked together I have no issues. O_o

  3. Thats actually pretty cool.

  4. I’m usually quite skeptical with this type of thing and I think that the device on its own looks pretty naff to be honest but its game utilisation is really amazing, particularly on Socom I felt. I’m genuinely impressed and considering one. Any word on price?

    • i looked it up and amazon lists it as $40

    • Yep, the £35 has put me off.

      • I’ve been watching this evolve for a couple of months now and have actually gone as far as to chuck £35 at HMV online.
        Think it’s gonna be the cream on my Killzone & awesome pie :)

  5. this thing actually looks great. so we can expect tons of cynical journalists to crap on it as soon as they feel like it. (not referring to TSA here)

  6. At the very least it looks well made…

  7. Me too, very impressed.

    Anyone know the price?

    • £35 on play.com, which is ridiculous as its just some plastic.
      will wait for the inevitable drop i think, but it does look cool.

      • Ah thanks, yeah will probs do the same

      • actually it’s not just plastic like the previous guns, it is designed to take advantage of the expansion slots on the Move controller, so that buttons are accessible on the actual peripheral itself as opposed to having to use the original face buttons on the Move device itself (which is not a great way to play games like Time Crisis)

        but, yeah…it’s mostly plastic :)

        but looks pretty damn good for what it is, I think it will sell for around £24.99 on release (£35 is probably play.com covering themselves, just in case it turns out to be £35-£40 rather than £25-£30.

  8. Also, will it work with other Move games like Resi 5 Gold?

    • If I understand correctly, the basic functionality will work with any Move shooter, but certain buttons (like the rate of fire thing) probably won’t work because the game would have to be designed with that in mind.

      Regardless, pretty darn cool move toy.

  9. my mrs thinks I’m a sad bastard for playing games, if I came home with a kids plastic gun, she’d probably divorce me

    • lol hey I no that vibe but it does look kool.

    • You beat me to it!!

  10. Looks good, but my other half thinks i’m sad by having a gaming wheel. God only knows what she would think of this?!

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