Atari Release New Yars’ Revenge Screens

Atari have fired over a volley of new screens for Yars’ Revenge, a remake of the 1981 Atari 2600 classic of the same name. In case you’re not old enough to recall the soft, scintillating caress of the Atari 2600 (ed: snap out of it, Lee), Yars’ Revenge features the titular Yar, a human female in mechanised power armor.


Now sporting a snazzy anime artistic style, Yar’s Revenge will feature “local co-op gameplay, multiple endings, intense battles, and visually striking landscapes designed to appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers.”

From the press release:

In Yars’, players will take on the role of a nameless Yar, who has been brainwashed by the evil Qotile empire to do their bidding.

After being shot down and rescued by the ancient and mysterious Bar Yargler, she sets off on a ferociously focused mission, to seek revenge on her former master and his deadly squad of assassins. The bio-technological nightmare of the Qotile home world provides stunning backdrops for players to fly through in aerial combat with their enemy.

Yars’ Revenge is due out on PSN, Xbox LIVE and PC this spring.

Source: Press release



  1. now there’s a name i haven’t heard in a long time.

    no, that was not meant as a star wars reference.

    • It needs to keep the original music, that throbbing sub is awesome!

  2. Amiga 2600? Was that before or after the Commodore ST? ;)

    • Yes I think it was, I had one.

      • hold on, I had the 600 I think> I can’t remember now, it was the smaller one of the models lol

    • Typo. Atari. I had both. It’s been many, many years.

  3. OMG! nostaglia….. this looks like the brilliant PS2 remake of DEFENDER! cannot wait any longer Atari ;)

  4. Not a pirate game. Great Strapline/Tagline. LOVE IT!

    • You should see the internal mails about it. Pirate City.

  5. Wheres the spinny death thing and that flashing homing square?

  6. Could be a Somersrt based Cider adventage, yars!

  7. Loved the original as a kid.not sure what to think from these screens TBH.I’d like to see a HD rehash of the original though.

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