Mirror’s Edge 2 “On Hold”

It’s a shame when a game so critically well reviewed as Mirror’s Edge (which, if you’ve not picked it up, is well worth the pitiful £5 asking fee in most places just now) fails to sell commercially.  It was a brave, rather adventurous game that mixed free running and platforming with a first person perspective, and did it all rather well.

The sequel, which EA have said was in production under a ‘small team’, has been put ‘on hold’ by the publisher, according to VG247.  The reason: whilst an internal demo was seen, most of the team behind the game at DICE have moved on.


EA’s John Riccitiello was keen on a sequel back in 2009.  “We’re still working through things like how to best deal with Mirror’s Edge 2,” he said to Kotaku. “I think it’s a game that deserves to come back…  Fascinatingly original art direction. Music and sound design was great. I think the gameplay mechanic was a blast, but was intermittent and the levels didn’t work.”



  1. Please Please!! Let it come!

  2. Mirrors edge was an awesome game…..i liked the view and the gameplay.

    • Me too, thought it was a great step away from fps’s whilst still immersing the player in the action. At times the levels felt quite linear in spite of the free spirit of the game, but I still completed it three times (I think). Never did manage three stars on all time trials either :(

  3. I loved the first one. It was a beautiful, fun and original game which is rare these days. Please let them find the funding to get this completed and to meet its massive potential

  4. Maybe Activision can pick it up and spawn a sequel every six months to run it in to the ground.

    *ba-boom tish*

    Thank you, I’m here all week, try the fish!

    • There’s a difference between facts and jokes you know ;)

    • lol and thats if acti don’t cancel it 2 months before release :P

    • don’t give them ideas.

  5. I played the first demo & liked it except for I just couldn’t do one manoeuvre, put my off the game.

    Grabbed the iPhone version during Apple 12 days of christmas, and its amazing – actually much preferred it to the home console version.

    I think the promise showed in the first that a 2nd would be a worthwhile venture but in the present climate, publishers are obviously becoming risk-adverse, expect a lot of big franchises to continue & not so much of the newer stuff as far big budget disk based releases are concerned

  6. This bothers me, not because I enjoyed the original because I didn’t, in fact I almost hated it. It bothers me because it was an original type of ip and we need to see more of that, not less. At this rate, every game released will be an Fps or an arcade racer.

  7. Played the first one to death. Sad times :'(

  8. i’d love a sequel, just put in a third person mode so i can play it without the need for a bucket nearby.
    for the motion sickness thing, or simulation sickness, whatever you want to call it.

    • I doubt that they would do it in 3rd Person to be honest. Having a platformer in 1st person is what made ME original. Take that away and you just have a game like Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia or WET.

  9. Whilst I didn’t like the story mode that much, the time trials were fantastic.

  10. Mirrors Edge getting a follow-up should be a no-brainer. I belive a sequel could do great, as the IP has gained a repectable number of fans and it’s become quite famous. Come on Dice, give it a leap of Faith.

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