PlayStation 2 Tops 150 Million

There’s no doubt that Sony had a full head of steam coming in to this generation, we just didn’t expect that same steam to keep billowing long after the PS3 hit shelves. According to Eurogamer, Sony has now shipped over 150 million units to retailers worldwide. Equally as impressive is the lineup of games that is nearing 11,000 titles and the 1.52 billion units of software sold. The PS2’s three best selling games are Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Gran Turismo 3: A Spec and Gran Turismo 4. Those hit titles have moved 17.33, 14.89 and 10.76 million units, respectively.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. So many great games, so many memories. The phasing-out of the PS2 is like the gamers’ equivalent of the Concorde being retired.

    Greatest console EVAR!11!!

    • and I have all 3 of those games :)

    • the thing is it’s not really the same.
      the ps2 was replaced by faster more powerful hardware.
      what has replaced concorde?
      where the next generation supersonic passenger aircraft, concorde was phased out with no successor.

      • that is a good point.

      • better hardware yes, but better games, not so much…

  2. 11 thousand, damn, didn’t realise there were that many, quite a daunting task for anybody who wanted to collect every single ps2 title.

    • And people think the Wii/DS started shovelware, those people haven’t seen your average PS2 shelf at retailers.

      • yeah, but the wii took it to new heights. :)

      • With 11k titles I’d say thats at least 10,000 reasons you’re wrong ;)

      • its been about longer than the wii. imo there are way better PS2 games.

  3. Cracking Console. I still have mine with a staggering amount of PS2 Games.

    150 million is crazy….and its still going!

  4. GTA: San Andreas, Metal Gear Solid 2+3, PES 6, Drakan: The Ancient Gates, Shadow Of Rome, Manhunt, Yakuza 1+2, Resident Evil 4, Ace Combat: The Belkan War, ICO, Shadow Of The Colussus, Price Of Persia: The Sands Of Time were and are still the PS2 games I enjoy.

  5. Damn
    This news make me feel like playing some PS2… nostalgic reasons.

  6. With the PS3’s troubled start meaning the hardware emulation was removed, the PS2 was never replaced but just ignored and with the epic games on this console, its no wonder they’re still shifting units

  7. Glad to hear it’s still going strong.
    I bought all three of those games, and a fair few more.

  8. 150,000,000 units would mean, using the average width of a PS2, that side by side they would stretch about 25,000 miles which would take you around the world!

  9. Wonder how long, if ever, the PS3 would take to reach that figure. Sony should create a huge memorial PS2 in Japan’s Sony HQ!

  10. It’s great to see PS2 going so strong, it was (is still actually) a great system.

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