3DS Boxes Seem… Different

With the Nintendo 3DS launching later this month in Japan, retailers are beginning to receive promotional stock including posters, mock-ups, and the actual 3DS game cases. The new design isn’t mind-blowing, but it sure looks a little more flashy and you will be able to cram more games onto your shelf space. Here is a list of altered features:

  • Game cases for the original Nintendo DS were made from black or clear plastic, depending which region you purchased the game in. With the 3DS, these box trims are now white.
  • The actual 3DS logo is now on the right-hand side of the cover opposite the spine, both of which bear resemblance to the classic DS design.
  • 3DS cases are slimmer and lighter, weighing 15% less than their elder brethren. Once opened, you will see a number of holes cut from the box surface which is said to make them cheaper and more environmentally friendly to produce.
  • Possibly due to the cases being thinner, they are reportedly harder to open. One could interpret this as Nintendo trying to tone down the accessibility of the 3DS.

Nintendo’s latest-gen handheld will launch in Europe and the States on March 25th. For more 3DS box shots, be sure to visit this blog.



  1. Nice earth firendly packaging.

  2. The problem with these environmentally-friendly boxes is that they feel cheap and things can easily pierce the plastic which looks even worse.

    • I absolutely despise the crappy “eco boxes” they like to put Blu-Rays in, in the US. I’ve imported a few and seriously, what’s the point?
      I’ve bought these BDs to keep, not remove from their cases and throw the cases away!

      Of course, when it comes to portable games, where you’ll generally use a game case if you’re taking more than the one, it’s more understandable. These do seem to be a much better attempt at removing excess than the BD cases too (where they cut out where the BD would go, so you can easily scratch the BD beyond it’s natural self-repairing capabilities).

      So I’m OK with these, but no more, or there’s no point to the boxes.

      • I agree with you about the BD cases, horrible alright. The problem with these as portable cases though is that you are likely to have them in a bag, and things get wrecked easily in a bag. I just don’t want to see holes in my cases.

      • The idea isn’t that you would throw them away when you buy them, its in the long term. All those old VHS cases are sat in a tip somewhere, most everything you own will be some day. I think its great that companies are starting to think about the long term consequences of this endless packaging.

    • I honestly don’t mind either way, though if it saves Ninty a split of cash and saves the environment, that’s cool.

  3. Good on Nintendo for thinking about the earth, although being cheaper is obviously the direct benefit for them. I’m just glad they didn’t go back to using cardboard.

    • I actually miss the N64 days, seeing those big heavy boxes on the shelves gave me a tingeling feeling very few plastic cases has ever offered me since. And the cartridges, you had to earn the right to play the game, and everytime you made it work someone applauded! Insert cartridge – start up console – remove cartridge – blow air in cartridge – reinsert cartridge – play game. If not, try again.

  4. I think that with the plastic film that goes over the cases, that the cases wont be much more prone to holes than other cases, and definitely not in normal circumstances (unless you have a bag full of pens).

    I didn’t expect Nintendo to consider their environmental impact in this way, considering their previous reports conducted by other charities and organisations, but I think this is quite a unique and effective way at reducing the resources used without, as what other people here have said with american BD cases, rendering them useless. Cases are too much a testament to my gaming collection for that to happen :3

  5. What about the Moon?

  6. An environmentally sound case, with a game inside where you blow shit out of stuff for fun. Isn’t this planet great.

  7. Let’s face it, they could reduce it more!

    • Do you mean the size of the case? I think they would want to keep the size manageable both for display and handling. They could make the cases the size of a matchbox but there would be no room to include documentation and it would be a pain trying to display them. Holes in the casing was a good choice.
      But if you are referring to their green status, yes they apparently are currently the worst environment offenders of the ‘big three’.

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