Alice: Madness Returns Third Trailer

EA have released a third trailer for ‘Alice: Madness Returns’ and it’s just as freaky as its predecessors. No sign of any game play footage as yet but we do get to see Alice in a cutesy, pastel-coloured dream world watching the happy dragonflies buzz overhead.

Then she meets a caterpillar who destroys most of Wonderland using a combination of explosions and death dealing phoenixes, the trailer concluding with Alice gleefully stabbing out the eye of a gribbly creature. Lovely.

Source: YouTube



  1. If you can see past her psychotic knife wielding ways and dam right weirdness, she’s quite an attractive young lady. I’d give it a go anyway… shall I grab my jacket or is anyone brave enough to agree with me?

    • I’d go down that rabbit hole.

      • Yea, why not?! Thinking about it, she seems pretty tame compared to some of the creatures I’ve taken home on a Saturday night.

      • i prefer a hare free hole meself

      • Oh dear that last comment was poor lol

      • I’m afraid when it comes to psychotic cuties my heart belongs to Harley Quinn :-) oh, and my wife, of course!

      • Does that explain why your avatar is locked up in a prison?

      • I’d make her grin like a Cheshire Cat.

  2. very nice. well… not nice, but…

  3. Eat me… no on second thoughts.. :s

  4. Bloody insane that video.

  5. Why does Alice look like a 25 year old midget pornstar?…*Ahem* I mean trailer was awesome. I actually might look in to this.

  6. Nice and nasty. Like hot coffee you’ve yet to spill all over your legs.

    Gameplay next please.

  7. Doesn’t look nearly as grim as the other trailer (Bleeding Gums Alice). It’s looking great, nevertheless. I missed the first one, but I think I might just buy this one.

  8. Freaking awezome! :D

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